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250ml Aluminium Black Trigger Spray Bottle

(This Product comes with a free cloth to wipe out odours)

ZENFRESH is a Yoga Matt Cleaner specifically designed to not only deodorise your mat(s), but add an infusion of scent that promotes a relaxing atmosphere and better meditation. Our formula is 100% biodegradable because we come from an established background making pet products and take our environmental responsibilities seriously. The product comes in a compact aluminium bottle, small enough to fit in your bag on the go.

Directs for Use: Product can be used as is for the best strength or diluted up to 100 times if you want to make your bottle last longer. Simple Spray ZENFRESH onto the yoga mat and wipe down  the surface. This will hit the odour at source, removing bacteria and deodorising the surface. You will be left with a clean smelling yoga matt. This product is not tested on animals and contains natural ingredients.

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