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  • Relancer Artificial Grass Cleaner 1L Spray

Relancer Artificial Grass Cleaner 1L Spray

Relancer Artificial Grass Cleaner 1L Spray

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Product Code:Artificial Grass Cleaner 1L Spray
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Artificial Grass Cleaner & Reviver

Artificial Grass Cleaner is specially formulated to clean and revive weathered or tired artificial grass. Our fast acting formula removes moss, mould and algae whilst also rejuvenating  and restoring it back to its natural appearance.
It can also be used as a very effective general cleaner, brightening and enhancing your entire garden area throughout the season.

Fresh Cut Grass Scent


Always test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure you achieve the desired result. Remove debris and accumulations of moss, mould and algae using a stiff brush.


    Pour Artificial Grass Cleaner directly onto your area

      Scrub the surface immediately using a stiff brush then leave for 15-20 minutes

      For best results wash thoroughly with a pressure washer

      Work from one end of the grassed area to the other in a continuous motion. Alternatively scrub the surface using a stiff brush then hose down.

      All cleaning residues must be completely washed away to maximise the performance of subsequent coatings.

          CLEANING UP

          Simply make sure that your treated area has been rinsed thoroughly with clean water – Artificial Grass Cleaner is a  Fully Biodegradable product, so can be rinsed away with confidence
          100% Safe for children & pets – allowing immediate return to the treated area even when wet
          Usage Areas: Artificial Grass – all grades

          Compatibility: Weathered and treated Artificial Grass 
          Coverage: This 5L pack is sufficient to cover approx 25m2. 
          Clean Up: Rinse with clean water

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