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  • Relancer Canvoline Trampoline Cleaner

Relancer Canvoline Trampoline Cleaner

Relancer Canvoline Trampoline Cleaner

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Trampoline Cleaner & Protector

Canvoline is the UK's only trampoline cleaner and protector 

100 % Colour safe product which is strong but non caustic so there is no need to rinse away

Canvoline has been specially formulated to clean Trampolines, Surrounds & PVC Canvas.  Easily removing Bacteria, Dirt, Grime, Black Streaks, Sweat, Body fats, Algae, Mildew, Grease and Oils 

Killing 99.99% of germs and leaving a protective layer which will prolong the life of your trampoline / pvc canvas material. 


Canvoline is a safe product for all surfaces on the trampoline. 

Main Trampoline Bed, PVC surround, safety enclosure netting, 

Metal supports / springs (stainless steel, galvanised, enamelled and aluminium surfaces). 


Canvoline can also be used on ceramic tiles and synthetic surfaces 


100% Colour Safe         100% Biodegradable 


Directions for use:  

Turn the nozzle on the front side either a quarter of a turn to the left or right (STREAM / SPRAY). 

Spray Canvoline on the surface from 15-20cm.  

Leave to work for a few seconds.  

Then wipe with a cloth soaked in (preferably very warm) water.  

Depending on the degree of soiling, repeat the treatment. 

If applied to metals, spray Canvoline on a clean cloth and then clean the surface. 

Turn the nozzle a quarter of turn after use (OFF). 


If solution enters eyes - rinse immediately with plenty of clean water for at least 3 minutes - if irritation persists, seek medical advice 

Prolonged use may irritate the skin - Wear gloves 

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