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Whether your passion is riding Motocross, Cycles or Motorbikes, XR Pro Heavy Bike Cleaner packs the punch to make light work of any task in relation to cleaning the body work of you’re road bike, dirt bike, quad bike or other off road vehicle.

Mud – Dirt & Sand – Salt deposits – Diesel Fumes – Surface rust – Fungus & algae

Traffic film – Splattered bugs – Black marks – Grease & oil And much more!

This fast acting Alkaline gets to work fast helping to breakdown grease & grime, Traffic film, Dirt & Sand, Bugs & Road salts.

Simply spray all over and agitate any stubborn areas with a brush, and leave 5 minutes to dwell before rinsing off for a sparkling finish.

Stronger than the market leaders to give an impeccable finish, and yet half the price! Our product is so good it is used by a professional Motorsport team called Vale Motorsport and we sponsor the team.

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