28mm White Heavy Mill Boston Cap x 20

White PP standard fine mill plastic screw on bottle cap to suit 24mm bottle neck, EPE wad. Basic standard screw on plastic bottle closure for multiple applications.


28mm Heavy Mill Caps

Pack of 20


These 28mm Heavy Mill Cap are White PP standard fine plastic screw on bottle caps in the colour white. They are bottle caps to suit 28mm plastic bottle neck; and they are suitable for packaging a wide range of products. Chemically resistant materials make up the caps so they can be used for any chemicals.


We provide these lids in white only and they are made specifically to prevent children from being able to get into products which will harm them if they are ingested- so these bottle caps can prevent that from happening.


Each 28mm Heavy Mill Cap comes with an EPE liner to give a better seal and prevent any leaks if at all possible.


These caps are 28mm Heavy Mill Cap in the colour white are made to suit a 28/415 bottle neck and it also has EPE wad and the caps also have a tamper evident ring so you can tell if the bottles have been opened so this makes sure that all the bottles you may be using you can guarantee are brand new.

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