• Flairosol Bottle White and White 300ml
  • Flairosol Bottle Clear and White 300ml

Flairosol Bottle White and White 300ml


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Flairosol Spray Bottle

White Bottle with White Spray

Flairosol is the only refillable spray to act like an aerosol – one press of the trigger allows an instant pressured flow of liquid – in a mist form

Simply press once for a 1 second spray, twice for 2 seconds etc….  Creates an amazing fine mist

Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray.  Its very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality covers large areas quickly, evenly and in all directions from the first to the last drop

Good-bye regulations
Flairosol bridges the gap between trigger and aerosol.  Its powerful, high quality spray is a true alternative for anyone wanting to avoid aerosols regulatory headaches.

Hello Environment

Simplify your supply chain and free yourself from propellant gases, volatile organic compounds and pressurized containers.

Product uses:
*    Air Fragrances
*    Water
*    Plant Feed
*    Hair Products
*    Cleaning Products

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