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A varied range of products to ensure your local bar or pub is always looking its best. The Mops Head strives to provide products which will keep all your cleaning requirements covered the best that they can be.


Pub And Bar Cleaner Range


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Consisting of 3 high quality bespoke cleaning products, The Mops Head Pub And Bar Cleaner Range is the perfect tool in the landlord’s arsenal for ensuring that their local looks, feels, and smells as clean as possible.




Surface Cleaner – Lemon Scent

Professional Surface Cleaner has been developed to be a true Multi Surface Disinfectant, for home and work, on all surfaces!

Ideal for Catering, Food Production, Hotels, Offices, Factories and Homes.

Great for Glass, Ceramics, Wood, Metal, Marble, Granite – leaving a streak free finish

Removes 99.99% of germs & enveloped viruses


Directions for use:

Fill your selected spray bottle and twist the nozzle to the ‘On’ setting

Spray on to the surface and rinse or wipe with a damp sponge or cloth

After use – turn nozzle to ‘OFF’ setting




Carpet Cleaner – New Carpet Scent

Our Carpet Shampoo is compatible in all Carpet Cleaning machines – including Vax.

It cleans, removes stains and deodorises. Leaving an amazing fragrance.

Kills 99.99% germs – even including enveloped viruses

Premium top selling carpet cleaning product.


4 in 1 Formula

  • Cleans – even the heaviest soiling.
  • Stain removes – general spots and stains.
  • Odour neutralises – including pet odours and urine.


Cleaner And Deodoriser

Biodegradable low ph. premium solution.

Suitable for all wet system carpet cleaning machines; including Vax and all other brands

This is an economical product; which only uses 100ml per 10 litres. It has outstanding cleaning performance in extraction machines- All with the added benefit of deodorising during the cleaning process.



Spray onto affected area. Let foam settle for a few moments. Agitate the area with a cloth and stress out any dirt, urine or grime from the carpet.

If you using a carpet cleaning machine; add 50ml of The Mops Head carpet shampoo. Or refer to the manufacturer guidelines.

Use in accordance with your Health & Safety guidelines e.g. COSHH assessment. Wear appropriate PPE such as Gloves & Goggles.  If product enters eyes; rinse well with fresh, clean water; for at least 2 minutes. If irritation persists; contact your local GP.




Pub And Bar Beer Line Cleaner :


Whether you’re needing to flush out an old, unused home bar system, or whether this product is to do your weekly flush through… this beer line cleaner can tackle it. The special formula both cleans and sanitises your lines so your beer doesn’t pick up any unusual flavours during dispensing. The powerful solution will loosen and remove any yeast deposits which may build up in the lines and is thorough enough to remove any trace elements from your beer dispensing equipment.


Different set-ups will require different steps, so contact the person or company in charge of your maintenance to find out how to get your lines ready for cleaning. Once you have disconnected your kegs from the lines and the lines are set up for cleaning, you can mix your solution.

For regular cleaning, use a dilution ratio of 1:200 and double the concentration for heavily soiled lines.

First, flush the line through with plenty of fresh clean water; use cold water as warm water can create an environment that is perfect for bacteria to breed. Also, you don’t want to run warm water through your chiller as this will cause the temperature to rise in the chiller and put it under unnecessary stress.

Now that your lines are flushed, you can connect your inlet to your cleaning barrel or insert the inlet hose into the cleaning bucket. Pull the mixed beer line cleaner through each beer tap until all of the fresh water has left the lines and the lines are filled with the cleaner. Now, wait (between 10-30 minutes is recommended). If you have the time, then always wait 30 minutes for a thorough clean (but no longer as you risk damage to parts in your dispensing set-up). Once the lines have had time to soak, rinse through with plenty of fresh, cold water.


PPE must be worn at all times during the process. This includes: goggles, long sleeve rubberised gloves and a rubber apron.


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