Plush Carpet / Fabric Shampoo


Compatible in all Carpet Cleaning machines including Vax

Cleans, removes stains & deodorises leaving an amazing fragrance

kills 99.99% germs including enveloped viruses

Premium top selling carpet / fabric cleaning product.


Carpet Shampoo




Our Carpet Shampoo is compatible in all Carpet Cleaning machines – including Vax.

It cleans, removes stains and deodorises. Leaving an amazing fragrance.

Kills 99.99% germs – even including enveloped viruses

Premium top selling carpet cleaning product.


4 in 1 Formula

  • Cleans – even the heaviest soiling.
  • Stain removes – general spots and stains.
  • Odour neutralises – including pet odours and urine.
  • Various Fragrances.



Biodegradable low ph premium solution.

Suitable for all wet system carpet cleaning machines; including Vax and all other brands

Trade Chemicals Plush is an economical product; which only uses 100ml per 10 litres. It has outstanding cleaning performance in extraction machines- All with the added benefit of deodorising; during the cleaning process.



Spray onto affected area. Let foam settle for a few moments. Agitate the area with a cloth and stress out any dirt, urine or grime from the carpet.

If you using a carpet cleaning machine; add 50ml of pet carpet shampoo. Or refer to the manufacturer guidelines.

Use in accordance with your Health & Safety guidelines e.g. COSHH assessment. Wear appropriate PPE such as Gloves & Goggles.  If product enters eyes; rinse well with fresh, clean water; for at least 2 minutes. If irritation persists; contact your local GP.


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1 review for Plush Carpet / Fabric Shampoo

  1. Robert Manning

    Recommended by a friend. I was concerned as other fragranced carpet cleaning solutions have left stains on my carpet, and so I have been using just water in my Vax. This however I will be purchasing again and again – It has left my carpet looking brand new and it smelled fantastic. Thank you

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