NEUTRACLEANSE 5L Pet Carpet Shampoo





Pet Carpet Shampoo

Compatible in all Carpet Cleaning machines including Vax

Cleans, removes stains & deodorises leaving an amazing fragrance

Premium top selling carpet cleaning product.

4 in 1 Formula

  • Cleans (even the heaviest soiling)
  • Stain removes (general spots and stains)
  • Odour neutralises (especially pet odours and urine)
  • Various Fragrances


Biodegradable low ph premium solution.

Suitable for all wet system carpet cleaning machines including Vax and all other brands

One our latest products in the FRESH PET Range. This is the ultimate pet carpet shampoo.

It combines the disinfectant properties of Fresh Pet, but distinctively is a shampoo which can be used to cleaned carpets of dirt brought in by pets, urine and pet sleeping areas.


Spray onto affected area and let foam settle for a few moments before agitating area with a cloth to stress out any dirt, urine or grime from the carpet.

If you using a carpet cleaning machine add 50ml of pet carpet shampoo or refer to the manufacturer guidelines.

Use in accordance with your Health & Safety guidelines e.g. COSHH assessment and wear appropriate PPE such as Gloves & Goggles.  If product enters eyes, rinse well with fresh, clean water for at least 2 minutes, if irritation persists contact local GP.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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