Mandorla Sweet Almond Oil

Mandorla 100% Vegan Sweet Almond Oil. Used for massage, aromatherapy, skincare, hair conditioning and face cleansing. Cruelty Free.



Sweet Almond Oil

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis


What is Sweet Almond Oil?

Sweet Almond Massage Oil is a pale yet fatty oil that is derived from the seeds of sweet almonds via cold pressing. This means there was no heat used in the process of harvesting the oil and so, the oil obtains its natural nutrients and goodness that makes it so beneficial to your hair, skin and nails. Sweet almond oil is perfect for massaging and much more due to its fast absorbing and moisturizing qualities.

What uses does Sweet Almond Oil Have?

  • This sweet Almond Oil is a fantastic moisturizer, it works to tackle dry skin and you can use it straight from the bottle.
  • Our Sweet Almond Oil is brilliant for tightening dark circles, it has amazing qualities that actually lightens the skin when mixed with a small amount of honey and applied onto the skin.
  • Sweet Almond Oil is the perfect choice for massage oil, this is because the oil has amazing benefits to the skin, it makes it more elastic and supple, it can lighten dark areas and also helps to soothe and relax muscles when massaged into the skin.
  • Almond Oil can reduce inflammation, simply massage the oil into the areas that are inflamed and wait a few moments for the oil to sink in.
  • Sweet Almond Oil is a brilliant hair treatment, the oil has the ability to dissolve dandruff and leave your scalp feeling fresh and flake free.


  • Almond Oil is known for its ability to help eliminate toxins form your body via the liver, not to mention it can also eliminate the appearance of wrinkles on your skin! Not only does it help the outside of your body, but also the inside too!
  • This Sweet Almond Oil can be used on sun burnt skin, as it helps to relieve soreness and also prevents scaring/ blistering or future sun burn from happening.
  • Almond Oil is brilliant for chapped or sore lips, in fact,  Almond Oil is better for your lips than most store bought lip products as it is made from the most natural ingredients and works immediately to nourish the skin and lips.
  • Our Sweet Almond Oil is also great for removing makeup; this is much better for your skin than using conventional products such as wipes or makeup removers that dry the skin and clog the pores. With Almond Oil the makeup is completely removed without compromising the health of your skin.

How can I use the Sweet Almond Oil?


Simply Apply the Almond Oil directly onto the skin and massage well using your hands or massage tools. For best results we recommend doing this at least once per day.


Massage the oil into your scalp and hair; ensure you leave the oil in your hair for at least half an hour before washing. For best results we recommend making this a routine at least once per week. You can even use a leave in conditioner in your hair after the oil for added shine.

As a Hot Oil Treatment for Hair:

Gently heat the oil by placing the required amount into a plastic container, place the container in a sink filled with hot water. Whilst the oil heats through, wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. Check the oils temperature before massaging the product into your hair and scalp; leave the almond oil in the hair for around twenty minutes before rinsing your hair again. Use hot water first and then rinse finally with cold water.

Under-Eye Circles:

Massage the oil directly into the skin under your eyes using your fingertip or a facial massage tool. For best results we recommend repeating this routine regularly.

How does Sweet Almond Oil work?

Sweet Almond Oil is very high in Vitamin A, B and E which are all extremely beneficial to your health, skin, nails and hair. Almond Oil also contains plant phenols which can offer your skin protection from sun damage and the oil also prevents your skin from future problems regarding sun light. Sweet Almond Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which can help to support the immune system and energy levels. Finally, sweet Almond Oil contains magnesium which is thought to be used by the body to help protect against the process of ageing, wrinkles and other skin aliments.

Making sure all of our products are sourced sustainably; and completely cruelty free is one of our prime targets and this oil hits the brief perfectly! It is sourced naturally and is completely ideal for dry, flaky skin and has moisturizing and nourishing qualities. Sweet Almond oil is typically used for skin care, hair care, beauty therapy. It is also generally is a super useful product to have in your household.

Almond Oil has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis; it has also been known to treat Acne. Due to its moisturizing qualities, Almond Oil dissolves into the skin and creates a barrier against substances; coming into contact with the skin, while the retinoid in the oil reduces the appearance of redness and rashes. Not to mention Almond Oil can reverse the affects of sun damage.

Please Note:

Almond Oil is not harmful to consume, however we do not recommend ingesting this product. This is due to the fact there are forms of oil made specifically for edible purposes. Our Almond Oil is produced predominantly based around skin care and health, so please avoid consumption of this product.

If product enters the eyes, please rinse well with fresh water. If irritation occurs please seek medical advice immediately.


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