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C300 Central Heating Cleanser




C300 Central Heating Cleanser

Concentrated cleanser for removal of flux residue, scale and corrosion

Safety Data Sheets available upon request

So why use Cleanser for Old & New systems?

C300 Cleaner for is designed to target excess flux residues, greases, and oils in addition to installation debris and sludge.
Cleanser passivates the metal surfaces and helps to prevent copper deposition, a common cause of pinhole corrosion in radiators.
Ideally, the product should be added at the first filling of the system. The water should then be circulated at normal operating temperatures for around 2 hours before being flushed out.

If you are using cold water, leave to circulate for 24 hours.
C300 Cleanser is designed for use without a powerflush machine

What if the system isn’t new and only 6 months old?
If a system has not been cleaned prior to use, all of the aforementioned issues for new systems will be present, with the installation debris causing issues and damage to the system.
Similar to new systems, Cleanser is designed to target installation and manufacture debris and contaminants.
When cleaned, it will passivate the metal surfaces and prevent copper deposition.
In this scenario, the system may benefit from a manual flush using with C600

Older systems
With older systems the specific problems will dictate which cleaning chemical will give the best results
Older systems may need a much more thorough clean in order to break up, lift and suspend sludge build up
We would recommend using C400 Sludge Remover for this purpose – it is the best central heating cleaner the job as it breaks up, lifts and suspends sludge, allowing it to be flushed out of the system with ease

If you are tackling circulation problems, identifiable as cold spots in radiators, most often caused by sludge build-up.
The formation of this sludge is almost impossible to completely prevent and it often settles in low flow areas of systems.

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