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R101 Towel Radiator Inhibitor and Antifreeze


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Towel Radiator Inhibitor R101

250ml Concentrate – treats a standard radiator up to 50L

Inhibits corrosion, scale, hydrogen gassing, microbiological growth and boiler noise.

Why treat your radiator water?
All heating systems have two major substances: Metal and water. When these two react it causes oxidisation (rust) inside your pipes, boiler and radiators.
It is essential if you want to have an efficient and healthy heating system to prevent this chemical reaction as much as possible. This is why a heating system inhibitor is used.

When you install a separate towel radiator – it won’t be connected to your main heating system and therefore won’t have treatment

It is essential that you treat the towel radiator on its own – to prevent the same oxidisation occurring within the radiator

Filling the radiator

Pour directly into the open vent – then fill radiator to the maximum level and close the vent cap

Safety Data Sheets available upon request


Health & Safety
Avoid contact with eyes and skin, if occurs then rinse with plenty of clean water and if irritation persists seek medical advice

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