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Monster Spray Pack

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Monster Spray

It’s never an easy task getting children to go to bed on time, and relaxed ready for a good nights sleep.  It’s made even harder when your child has fears of Monsters visiting their room in the night.

Monster Spray is a very special product, created with a secret ingredient to repel those monsters and make them spend the night somewhere else.

This is a completely safe product for children

  • Free Personal Letter
  • Free Story Booklet

Product background 

The secret ingredient was discovered many years ago by Uncle Globbin, a cheerful and friendly monster who lives deep in the darkest woods in a place called Wild Moss Stump.  Uncle Globbin is a very helpful monster and happily spends his days helping local villagers by ‘mini monster sitting’ whilst the villagers are busy working to collect food and treasure.  Sometimes this means looking after them late in to the night whilst the ‘star adventures’ take place and villagers search for the glowing night treasures

Two if his favourite mini monsters, ‘Smirch’ and ‘Pugs’ always seem to have trouble sleeping at night.  No matter how sleepy, relaxed or comfortable they were – they were always visited by some very naughty monsters who simply enjoyed scaring everyone – even other monsters! The naughty monsters always stopped off in the village for some fun before visiting the big peoples houses

Uncle Globbin knew something had to be done and set about making potions to make the naughty monsters go away – explaining to Smirch and Pugs that he would need their help to test his formulas each time they stayed at his tree house.  Very excited to be helping with such an amazing project, Smirch and Pugs agreed straight away.  It took many weeks and sleep overs to finally find a formula which worked.  It was a combination of very secret magical ingredients along with the smell of things naughty monsters didn’t like.  Neither would work on their own, but together they worked fantastically and within minutes made the naughty monsters leave.  Smells which naughty monsters don’t like are the things that are good for you, and nothing seemed to work better than the smell of fresh fruit – especially Cherry, Apple, Raspberry & Strawberry.

Now Uncle Globbin was certainly a very resourceful monster but he had no idea how he could send this amazing formula to all the mini monsters & children around the World – let alone make enough of it!  It took him weeks to collect enough fruit to make a single bottle (he is only a very small chap, able to carry 2 cherries at once)

Uncle Globbin searched for someone to help and finally came across a very friendly chemical supplier who agreed to help him on his quest to help mini monsters and children sleep better.  They said that they could make all the fruity liquid he could ever need – and would only need Uncle Globbin to make the secret added formulation he had discovered

You can pick from 4 amazing options. Cherry – Apple – Berry – Strawberry

Additional information

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Monster Spray Fragrance

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2 reviews for Monster Spray Pack

  1. Lyndsay Terrarn


    My son has not slept a full night for months & months…. seems like years !!
    All because he thought there were monsters in his room – and no matter what we said or did, nothing was going to change that
    Then we were recommended to try Monster Spray – an oh my god – are we glad we did !!!
    Since the first night he used it – he slept right through…
    The story book and personal letter were awesome…..

    What a great idea

    Thank you Uncle Globbin !!!

  2. Lesley Wearden

    I cannot believe I haven’t come across this product before!!!

    My son loves it! It is super effective at bedtime!

    It even came with a personalized letter for my son and a little story book.


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