Relancer Garden Tool Cleaner and Reviver


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Garden Tool Cleaner & Reviver


Mud, animal, vegetable fats, grease and oils are completely removed with this product. Relancer is a safe product for virtually any surface: stainless steel, galvanised, enamelled and aluminium surfaces, hand tools, machinery, sheds etc…Relancer can also be used on ceramic tiles and synthetics surfaces, including worktops if required.

Directions for use:


Spray Relancer on the tool to be cleaned. Leave to work for a few seconds. If applied to stainless steel, spray Relancer on a clean cloth and then clean the surface.

Then wipe with a cloth soaked in (preferably very warm) water.

Depending on the degree of soiling, repeat the treatment.


Relancer can be diluted up to 40:1 whilst still remaining effective

Add your required amount to a bucket of warm water if possible (cold is also fine) Use a mop or spray method – leaving solution on surface for several minutes to work – before agitating surface to clean – then rinse away with clean water.  Repeat if required

If solution enters eyes – rinse immediately with plenty of clean water for at least 3 minutes – if irritation persists, seek medical advice. Prolonged use may irritate the skin. Wear gloves.

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