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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution is a versatile liquid that can be used for various purposes. This solution was created specifically to be safe but effective. It can kill bacteria and viruses which makes it suitable for cleaning and disinfecting minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Hydrogen peroxide can also serve as a stain remover for fabrics and teeth. Its multipurpose nature and gentle formulation make hydrogen peroxide 3% solution an essential first aid and household product.


Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution

Available in 500ml and 1L bottles

Introducing our Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution – a highly versatile and widely acclaimed liquid that brings a multitude of benefits to various applications. Known as the world’s safest and most effective all-natural surface sanitiser, this remarkable solution is a must-have.

Harnessing the power of Hydrogen Peroxide, our 3% Solution serves as an exceptional bleaching agent, catering to both hair and teeth whitening needs. Its disinfectant and antiseptic properties make it a reliable option for maintaining optimal hygiene. Diluted with water, it transforms into an exceptional mouthwash, ensuring a clean and fresh oral experience.


Furthermore, our Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution finds its place in countless households, where it effortlessly tackles tough stains, mould, and unpleasant odours on a variety of surfaces. Consider it your go-to solution for achieving a spotless and refreshing environment.

The colour of the bottle you receive may vary from the one shown in the picture, but the quality of the product remains the same.


Top 10 uses of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution:

  1. Wound Cleaning: Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution can be used to clean and disinfect minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. It helps remove dirt, debris, and bacteria, promoting healthy healing.


  1. Oral Hygiene: Many people use diluted hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash to kill bacteria, reduce bad breath, and improve overall oral hygiene. Remember to never swallow hydrogen peroxide.


  1. Teeth Whitening: Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in teeth whitening products due to its bleaching properties. However, be cautious and consult a dentist before using it to avoid damaging your teeth or gums.


  1. Disinfectant for Surfaces: Hydrogen peroxide can effectively disinfect various surfaces at home, such as kitchen countertops, cutting boards, and bathroom fixtures. Simply spray or wipe it on and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.


  1. Stain Remover: Stubborn stains, like blood or wine, can be effectively removed by dabbing some hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and letting it sit for a few minutes. Gently blot or rinse with water afterward.


  1. All-Purpose Cleaner: Mix hydrogen peroxide with water (one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts water) to create a gentle and effective all-purpose cleaner. It can be used on floors, tiles, mirrors, and other household surfaces.


  1. Fungal Infection Treatment: Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution can be used to treat fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections. Apply it directly to the affected areas, but discontinue use if irritation occurs.


  1. Plant Fertiliser: Adding a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to water before watering your plants can help increase oxygen levels and promote root health. However, be cautious with the dosage as too much can harm the plants.


  1. Laundry Stain Remover: For tough stains on clothes, you can apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before laundering as usual.


  1. Mould and Mildew Cleaner: Hydrogen peroxide is effective in eliminating mould and mildew from bathroom tiles, shower curtains, and other damp areas. Spray it directly on the affected areas, let it sit, and then scrub or rinse.



Frequently asked questions


What is Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution solution?

3% hydrogen peroxide solution is a diluted form of hydrogen peroxide where the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is 3% by volume. It is a mild antiseptic and has various household and medical uses.


What can I use 3% hydrogen peroxide for?

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution has multiple uses. It can be used as a disinfectant for minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Additionally, it can be utilized as a mouth rinse to help with oral hygiene and treat minor gum inflammations. It is also commonly used as a household cleaner to disinfect surfaces and remove stains.


How should I apply Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution on a cut or wound?

To use Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution on a cut or wound, first, clean the area with mild soap and water. Then, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly onto the wound. It will cause temporary bubbling, indicating the release of oxygen. After bubbling subsides, pat the area dry with a clean cloth and apply a sterile bandage.


Is it safe to use 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash?

Yes, using 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash is generally safe if done in moderation. Dilute the solution with equal parts of water and swish it in your mouth for about 30 seconds, making sure not to swallow it. Spit out the mixture and rinse your mouth with water afterwards. It helps kill bacteria and provides a fresh feeling, but long-term excessive use can lead to irritation or damage to delicate oral tissues.


Can 3% hydrogen peroxide be used to whiten teeth?

Yes, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution can have a whitening effect on teeth, it is recommended to consult a dentist before using it for this purpose.


Can Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution remove stains from clothing or surfaces?

Yes, diluted hydrogen peroxide can be used as a stain remover. Apply a small amount to the stained area, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently blot or rinse the area with water. However, it’s important to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t cause any discoloration or damage.


What should I do if I accidentally ingest 3% hydrogen peroxide?

If you accidentally ingest 3% hydrogen peroxide, immediately rinse your mouth and drink water to dilute it. Contact your local poison control centre or seek medical assistance for further guidance. While small amounts are typically not harmful, ingestion of larger quantities may cause stomach upset, irritation, or vomiting.


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