Relancer Algae & Green Mould Remover

Getting rid of algae & green moss the easiest way

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Algae & Mould Remover

1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L & 25L Jerry Container,


Relancer Algae & Mould Remover is a powerful fungicidal wash that combines different formulas into a potent mixture.



This product removes lichens, fungi and algae on all mineral surfaces such as walls, paths, roofs and drives. Don’t let green cover your outdoors areas. Use Relancer Algae & Green Mould Remover to effectively clean your outdoor surfaces. This product also leaves a minor residue which can help prevent further contamination by green growth.


Instructions for use:

We recommend using 1 part Relancer Algae & Green Mould Remover with 4 parts water. For example, with the Spray Bottle, use 100ml of the product with 400ml of water. Apply the product via Spray Bottle onto the affected area and let the product kill off the green growth. Keep applying it every day until the green growth has died off. To make the product more effective you can scrape the green area or use a pressure washer to blast it off before or after. After removing any green growth, make sure to apply the product to leave a preventative measure on the surface.


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1 review for Relancer Algae & Green Mould Remover

  1. Dave (verified owner)

    Used more expensive brands and this matches them in all aspects and expectations.

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