Professor Pooch's Dog Friendly Air Freshener

Highly effective odour neutralising dog friendly air freshener!


Professor Pooch’s™
Dog-Friendly Air Fresheners

1L & 5L

Highly effective Odour Neutralising Deodoriser. 

Professor Pooch’s Dog Friendly Air Freshener 1L doesn’t just mask bad smells, it completely eliminates them. This leaves a long lasting fresh fragrance in it’s place.

Our specially formulated product is 100% biodegradable and can be used for a wide range of chores, not only in the household but in the car too!

This Air Freshener is the perfect size to be kept in the car, stored away in the cleaning cupboard and also even in your bag, so wherever you go you can count on Professor Pooch to fix any smelly situation.


Available Fragrances: 

Fresh Breeze – Bubblicious – Cherry Bakewell – Cotton Blossom – Mint Berry Kiss – Fruit Punch


Intended Uses:

Professor Pooch’s Dog Friendly Air Freshener 1L is perfect for use in the home (it can be used anywhere in the home as it is completely safe for all surface types). It can be used in your office space at work and can also be used in your car (particularly if you are a pet owner, this spray will come in handy) It can be used on car upholstery and also your home furniture. It can be used on roof linings and boot covers, this is great because it doesn’t leave any sticky residue!

This can also be used on your carpets. This is brilliant because we all know sometimes carpets can become worn and a little smelly. With a few quick sprays of Professor Pooch, your carpets will be smelling fresh and clean. Not only does it have all of these uses, but it is 100% safe to be used on any and every surface at home! So you can spritz your couches, curtains and carpets and not be afraid that it will stain or leave a horrible wet residue.


Usage Precautions

Keep Away From Children – This Product Should Be Stored Out Of Their Reach

If the product enters the eyes: Rinse well with fresh running water for at least ten minutes. If irritation occurs seek medical advice immediately.

In the event of the product entering the mouth: Rinse well with fresh running water for at least ten minutes. If irritation occurs seek medical advice immediately.

This product should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should be kept in its original container for safety purposes.


It SHOULD NOT be kept in the reach of children as it will cause harm if ingested. If the product is ingested, medical attention is required immediately!


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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