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Salonaid Work Top Cleaner


Salonaid Work Top Cleaner is an ultra-powerful general-purpose cleaner which is a degreaser specialist. The product removes all types of grease and grime from lots of varying surfaces.


Instructions for use:

Salonaid Work Top Cleaner can be applied with a spray bottle or it can be wiped on by a cloth. Apply the product in small quantities to see how much product you may require to break down the dirt. Some dirt may require more product, some may require less. Depending on the density and length of time the dirt may have sat the amount required will vary. Use a rubbing action and the cleaning technology will work away the grime and grease, breaking it down and reducing it. To finish simply wipe off any residue from the product.

Avoid leaving the product as residue to set on a surface. Wipe off  any remaining product and rinse down the area with a little bit of water to ensure it is all fully removed.


Important Notes:

ALWAYS TEST A SMALL AREA FOR COMPATIBILITY PRIOR TO FULL APPLICATION. Some surfaces do not take well to this product (marble surfaces) so always do a small patch test to ensure compatibility.

SKIN CONTACT: Irritation or pain may occur at the site of contact.

EYE CONTACT: There may be irritation and redness. There may be pain and redness. There may be severe pain. The eyes may water profusely. Seek immediate medical help.

INGESTION: There may be soreness and redness of the mouth and throat. There may be difficulty swallowing. Seek immediate medical help.

Not suitable for use on marble


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