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Vinyl Cleaner



Our Vinyl Cleaner Vinyl Aid is fast evaporating and breaks down grease and dirt with ease. It has long lasting protection for vinyl and removes all marks.

With premium ingredients the perfect mix has created this ready to use solution which delivers excellent deep cleaning right through the grooves, leaving no drying marks behind and also eliminating static from your records.


Totally safe for use on vinyl for an amazing clean.

(not 78rpm Shellac or flexi discs)


It works best with a machine that utilises cleaning fluid but can be used just on its own with cotton wool pads/buds or lint free cloths, partially dampened and clean from lead-in to lead-out in a clockwise motion.

You can also spray the vinyl directly – but 1-2 sprays is more than enough for each side.

Doing it on the deck makes life far easier. We have tested the product on many machines and find it a better and easier way to clean vinyl.

NEVER use just 100% IPA as this can eat away a protective film on the vinyl.

This fluid contains under 20% pure IPA and almost 80% pure distilled water making this perfectly safe for a once per record clean.

Once you have cleaned it with this fluid just use a hand-held record dust brush before each play. Repeated use is not necessary or recommended.


Records are full of static and sometimes dust, even when new.  We recommend cleaning your records – even when new.


Instructions for use:

Spray Cleaner directly on to the surface from around 10cm away Allowing coverage of the entire surface with 1 or 2 sprays Using a lint free cloth gently rub the surface Or use a soft bristle brush if preferred. When cleaned – simply allow the surface to dry on its own. Avoid direct contact with the eyes If this occurs – rinse well with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol (<10%), Aqua


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