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Boston HDPE Bottle 50ml 10 pack

The container is tough and durable and is great for industrial & domestic use. Design allows for simple and quick labelling using a wrap round label. HDPE is fully recyclable.


Boston HDPE Bottle 50ml 10 pack

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Boston HDPE Bottle 50ml

10 pack

With Optional Caps


About These Bottles:

This pack includes 10 Boston HDPE Bottle 50ml. They are a brilliant general purpose bottle. With a sloping shoulder and a 20mm neck finish this allows for a large range of closures, dispensers and spray heads to be possibly used; including trigger spray heads. These bottles are immensely easy to fill, very easy to wash and they are also very easy to label. Their HDPE finish helps to block out UV light for sensitive products which may be vulnerable to the effects of the sun etc.


Key Points For These HDPE Bottles:

The HDPE material also makes this a fully recyclable plastic bottle, so even when you may be finished with the use you may have required the bottles for this product can go on and be recycled and reused again and again. This is far better for the environment than the single use plastics that some spray bottles may be made up from. Their simple and easy design makes it possible to quickly and easily label using a wrap round label- so the bottles can be easily identified, should that be what you require.


Possible Uses Of These Bottles:

These Boston HDPE Bottle 50ml can withstand harsh chemicals and also very basic chemicals. Meaning they can hold anything from water to caustic materials. Because of this, this type of bottle is used regularly in the care, agricultural/equine, adhesive, floor care and chemical industries. They are also often used in the everyday lives of people. They can be used for things such as holding small doses of perfumes you may want in your bag. This stops having to carry the whole bottle around with you. Or they may even be holding hand sanitizer/disinfectant to ensure the user is safe, wherever they may go.


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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Bottle Accessory



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