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Drum Tap for 25L Container – Aeroflow 61mm

  • Aeroflow Drum Taps
  • 61mm DIN European Standard Thread to fit most 20L & 25L Containers
  • Fast, clean dispensing without gurgling.
  • Outlet spout fits into DIN 28 bottle necks for easy dosing even in small containers.
  • Chamfered tip for clean dispensing – Splash free.



Drum Tap for 25L Container – Aeroflow 61mm

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Drum Taps For 25L

Aeroflow Drum Taps

Aeroflow Taps:

For most 20 & 25 Litre Plastic Containers

Tap lever style may differ from picture but the specs are exactly as detailed below – so please check

Our Drum Taps For 25L will fit all our containers from 20 – 25 Litre and any 61mm DIN European Standard Thread 

This Aeroflow Dispensing Taps for containers is perfectly suitable for the simple, clean and quick decanting of fluids without gurgling.

The chamfered outlet spout (23mm) fits in narrow threaded necks and allows easy and clean dispensing.

The tap has a high flow rate of 5 litres per minute, due to the patented ventilation system.

The taps are leakproof even with aggressive chemical compounds and strongly creeping fluids.


Not to be compared to other inferior taps! This is the best dispensing tap on the market.


Top ten uses:

Water Dispensing: For home or office water containers, allows for easy dispensing of drinking water, especially when the containers are part of a water cooler system.

Agricultural Chemicals: Farmers and gardeners use drum taps to dispense fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides from large containers into sprayers or smaller containers for application.

Automotive Fluids: In automotive shops, drum taps are used for bulk fluids like oils, antifreeze, or hydraulic fluids, allowing for precise dispensing into vehicles or other containers.

Food Industry: For food-grade liquids such as oils, vinegars, syrups, and sauces, drum taps ensure easy and hygienic dispensing in both commercial and home kitchen settings.

Chemical Manufacturing: In industrial settings, drum taps are used to dispense chemicals into smaller containers for production processes or laboratory work.

Cleaning Supplies: Bulk containers of cleaning supplies such as detergents, disinfectants, and soaps often use drum taps to refill smaller bottles or to dispense for direct use.

Camping and Outdoor Activities: For those needing large water supplies when camping or in remote locations, drum taps make accessing the water easier and more sanitary.

Disaster Relief: During disaster relief operations, drum taps are used to dispense clean water or other essential liquids from large containers in areas where the regular water supply has

been disrupted.

Paints and Solvents: In the painting industry, drum taps allow for the controlled dispensing of paints, thinners, and solvents, reducing waste and spills during the transfer to paint sprayers or smaller containers.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What are drum taps? Drum taps are devices that screw onto drums or containers to control the release of liquids. They’re beneficial for preventing spills, minimizing waste, and safely dispensing fluids, especially when precision or controlled flow rate is required.

What materials are drum taps made of? They’re made from plastics like polyethylene or polypropylene for chemical resistance.

How do you install it on a container? You screw the tap directly into the drum’s threaded bung hole. No special tools are needed, but ensure the tap gasket is in place to prevent leaks.

Are drum taps food grade? Many drum taps are indeed food grade, especially those made of certain plastics like polyethylene. Always check the product specifications to ensure the tap is certified for use with food substances.

How do you prevent leaks? Ensure that the tap is correctly installed with all necessary washers or gaskets. Regular maintenance checks are important, and the tap should be fully closed when not in use. Teflon tape can also be used on the threads to ensure a watertight seal.

How do you clean and maintain? Clean the tap with appropriate cleaning agents (compatible with the tap material and the liquid dispensed) after use. Regularly check for and clear any blockages, and inspect the tap for wear and tear.

How do you troubleshoot common problems like clogging or dripping? If a tap is clogged, remove it and clean any residues with a suitable solvent. If it’s dripping, ensure it’s closed properly. If it continues to leak, replace any worn washers or the entire tap if necessary.

Can this tap be used for measuring precise volumes of liquid? While standard drum taps don’t measure volume, flow control taps can dispense liquid at a consistent rate, which can be timed for approximate volume dispensing.



Water (including drinking water)

Liquid Food,






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  1. Alan

    Great value for money and fit perfectly on my 25L containers!!

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