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2 x 25L Standard Containers

These 25L Litre Containers are incredibly useful for numerous products by stretching suitability right the way from water, to fuel and they are also suitable for any other fluids that require a containers.


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2 x 25L Standard Containers

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25L Litre Containers

Stackable Translucent Container
UN Approved
All supplied complete with safety Cap (61mm Neck)


Introducing our versatile 25L Litre Containers, complete with secure black caps, designed for exceptional utility across a wide range of needs. Whether it’s for storing water, fuel, or any other fluid, these robust containers are the perfect solution, extending their usefulness beyond the ordinary.

Crafted for adaptability, these containers excel in various settings, making them an ideal choice for both domestic and professional environments. Take them along on your camping trips, utilize them in your garage, or incorporate them into your workplace — they are exceptionally suited for holding water, paint, chemicals, and fuels with equal ease.

We take pride in delivering these containers to you in pristine condition, ensuring that each one is dispatched brand new. For those intending to use these for drinking water, we recommend a thorough wash before use to guarantee the utmost cleanliness.

Adherence to standards is paramount, and our containers stand up to the rigorous UK Jerrycan specifications of GB/5635. Furthermore, they’ve been rigorously tested to UN Standards, ensuring they meet the highest benchmarks for impact and leakage resistance.

When you demand unparalleled strength and reliability in a 25L container, look no further. Our product is the epitome of dependability, ready to serve you in all your storage needs. Secure your peace of mind with a container that won’t let you down.


If you would like to purchase a drum tap to go with your containers Click Here.


Top Uses of 25L Litre Containers:


Water Storage: Often used for storing drinking water, especially in outdoor activities like camping or in emergency preparedness kits.


Fuel Storage: Storing petrol, diesel, or other fuels for generators or machinery.


Food and Beverage Industry: Used for storing and transporting oils, vinegars, and other liquid ingredients in bulk.


Gardening: Holding liquid fertilizers, water for irrigation, or as a base for composting.


Chemical Storage: In industrial settings, they are used to store and transport chemicals, provided they are made of chemical-resistant materials.


Waste Disposal: Some containers are designed for biohazard or other waste, helping to contain and transport it safely.


Laundry Services: Storing and transporting liquid detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning solutions.


Automotive Industry: Holding automotive fluids like antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, or lubricants.


Animal Care: Storing and transporting feed or water for animals, or as part of a livestock feeding system.


Home Brewing: For hobbyists who brew beer or wine at home, these containers can be used during the fermentation process.



Most Frequently Asked Questions about 25L Litre Containers:


What materials are 25L Litre Containers made from? A: They are often made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is durable and resistant to many chemicals.


Are 25L containers safe for storing drinking water? A: Yes, if they have not previously been used to store hazardous chemicals.


How can I clean a 25L Litre Containers? A: Rinse with warm, soapy water and disinfect if necessary. For stubborn residues, container-specific cleaning agents may be needed.


How should I store empty 25L containers? A: Store them in a clean, dry place with the lid off to prevent moisture build-up and odours. Keep them away from direct sunlight.


Can 25L containers be stacked? A: Yes, they are designed to be stackable when full or empty.



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