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Trigger Spray Heads Canyon 5 Pack (Black)


Trigger Spray Heads Canyon 5 Pack (Black)

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Canyon Trigger Spray Heads





A pack of 5 Canyon Trigger Spray Heads heads with black coloured heads. These multi-purpose spray heads are highly durable, with a lifespan up to 5,000 continuous sprays. These trigger spray heads are multi-use and heavy-duty heads with excellent seals and are appropriate for chemicals and liquids alike, without any worry of spillage or leaking. With a 28mm by 410mm neck this trigger spray will fit and seal to the bottle provided the neck of the bottle corresponds with the size of the trigger spray so no leaks will occur. This product is also designed to prevent dripping when the product is not in use, saving as much of the product as possible for you.



The trigger spray heads come with a tube reaching up to 260mm; and they can be cut down to size depending on what you may need. This means you have more than enough length for a 1L bottle, as well as being able to cut the tube down to fit whatever size bottle you’re using.  With a jet and a spray option there are lots of different possible applications. The ‘spray’ setting is great for air and fabric care, whereas the ‘jet’ setting is narrow and far more accurate.



These spray heads are suitable for use as small watering cans etc. Used for many applications including household cleaning, lawn and garden care, car auto detailing, laundry solutions, pest control and possibly even pet training. They are also chemically resistant so any possible use you may require these bottles will be good.



What size is the neck on your trigger spray?:

  • The necks are 28mm by 410mm.

What colours do you provide?:

  • We stock black, blue, green, red and white.


What’s the difference between a spray and industrial spray?:

  • An industrial spray is made to withstand numerous more uses. Be that in industrial settings such as workplaces and common household use.


Canyon Chemical resistant Trigger Spray Heads

2 Settings – Jet or Spray

Fit on to all standard 28mm Thread Bottles

High Quality Moulded Plastic


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