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Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit


Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit

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Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit

Super Concentrated Product

Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit

Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit is a cleaning kit specially designed to be co friendly the disinfectant can eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms in the environment where pets are kept whilst remaining safe for animals to be around. It cleans the environment to which it is applied and leaves it smelling fresh the disinfectant plays a crucial role in prevention of cross contamination between different pets and maintaining the health and well-being of the animals.

One of the stellar attributes of Fresh Pet Disinfectant is its remarkable versatility. Whether it’s the cosy corner where your pet snoozes, the backyard where they frolic, or kennels and catteries, Fresh Pet ensures every square inch is a sanctuary free from harmful germs. From countertops, pet bedding, litter boxes, to outdoor kennel runs, and veterinary clinic surfaces, it’s the quintessence of a clean sweep, ensuring a pristine and safe environment for both pets and humans.

No More Wasted Plastic! Re use your existing containers with your eco refill.

Reduce Plastic – Reduce CO2 – Save Water – Do our collective bit to help the earth!

Features that make Fresh Pet:

Boundless Surface Compatibility:

No surface is off-limits. Fresh Pet Disinfectant is tailored for a wide array of surfaces, be it indoors or outdoors, ensuring a germ-free atmosphere everywhere your pet roams.

Pet-Safe Formula:

Our disinfectant is crafted to be as gentle as it is effective, ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets even as it relentlessly rids your environment of harmful microbes.

Eco-Conscious Refill Options:

Embrace sustainability with our Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit. It’s a powerful concentrate that springs back to a full-strength disinfectant when diluted, embodying a greener, more sustainable choice.

Ready-To-Spray Convenience:

For those spontaneous clean-up moments, our Ready-To-Spray version is your go-to choice, offering a hassle-free, immediate solution to keep your surroundings germ-free and fresh.  Simply spray, wipe & leave.

Pre-Filled Concentrate Containers:

Our Pre-Filled bottles provide a concentrated solution for those who prefer to dilute there own

Usage Instructions of Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit:

General Surface Cleaning:

For routine cleaning, dilute Fresh Pet Disinfectant at a maximum rate of 1:100 with water to cleanse and disinfect washable surfaces effectively.

Outdoor Areas:

Mix product with clean water at a 50/50 ratio. Spray, brush to remove debris, and rinse gently. Leaving a thin coating can prevent algae and bacteria growth.

Feeding Bowls/Toys Disinfection:

Use a 1:100 dilution, rinse thoroughly with clean water before reusing.

Severe Odour Treatment:

Use product neat for severe odour issues. Spray, leave for 10 minutes, agitate, rinse, then spray a thin coating and leave.


Top ten uses of Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit:

Kennels and Cages: To sanitise and clean areas where pets are confined. This is particularly important for preventing the spread of diseases in multi-pet households or boarding facilities.

Litter Boxes: Disinfecting the litter box can help minimize odours and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Feeding and Water Bowls: Even though they’re regularly exposed to food and saliva, these can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Pet Toys: Toys can accumulate saliva, dirt, and other contaminants. Periodic disinfection, especially of chew toys, can keep them clean.

Pet Bedding: While washing with regular detergent helps, using a disinfectant (or a detergent with disinfectant properties) can further ensure the removal of harmful pathogens.

Flooring: Particularly in areas where pets have had accidents, a disinfectant can kill harmful microorganisms and also help to neutralize odours.

Grooming Equipment: Brushes, combs, clippers, and other grooming tools can benefit from periodic disinfection, especially if used on multiple pets.

Pet Carriers: Especially after trips to places like the vet, it’s good practice to disinfect pet carriers.

Training Pads and Pee Pads: For those using training or pee pads, especially for puppies or older dogs, disinfecting the area around where they’re placed can prevent bacterial growth.

Pet Clothing and Accessories: Items like pet sweaters, harnesses, collars, and leashes can also be exposed to a range of contaminants from the environment. Periodic cleaning and disinfection can be beneficial.


FAQs about Fresh Pet Disinfectant 5L Eco Refill Kit:

Can I mix fragrances if I order more than 1?

Yes you can mix the different fragrances.  Just add a note to your order letting us know what fragrances you would like.

Can Fresh Pet be used on carpets and curtains?

Yes our , to use it on your carpets and curtains Just dilute the mixture at a minimum of 50/50 with water and spray onto said areas.

Can I add it to my washing machine?

Yes it can be added to your washing machine but add NO more than a single cap full per washing load and this it will also remove all bacteria.

Is it safe to rinse Fresh Pet Disinfectant down the drains?

Yes, Fresh Pet is a fully biodegradable product and environmentally friendly too.

Is it safe for all animals? 

Yes.  We use a pet safe formula to ensure that our disinfectant is safe for all animals but ALWAYS follow our instructions for use

Can I use it on my grass?

No you should not use it on your Plants as they do not like the formula – or being cleaned for that matter!  Simply rinse with lots of fresh water if contact occurs – so plants get a fresh drink

Can I use it through a back pack sprayer?

Yes.  This is actually a very popular way to use Fresh Pet – great for cleaning larger areas.  Just dilute as you normally would.

Is the Eco Refill really as strong?

Yes.  The Eco Refill is an ultra concentrated version meaning it can be diluted multiple times – and when diluted becomes a Full Strength Fresh Pet with the same amazing results (save plastic – reuse)

Do you test your products on animals?

No.  We never test any products on animals and neither do any of our raw material suppliers



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