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Dogilicious Dog Cologne Aftershave Perfume

No more putting up with that ‘dog smell’ – simply spray with Dogilicious for an amazing long lasting fragrance


Dogilicious Dog Cologne Aftershave Perfume


 Fresh Pet Dog Perfume – Dogilicious  Fragrance Range

250ml Sprays – 5L Containers


Adore your canine companion but hate their smell? Discover the delightful transformation with  Fresh Pet Dogilicious – our exclusive premium collection of dog perfumes crafted specifically for your furry friends. Wave goodbye to the days of enduring the pervasive ‘dog smell’ in your home. A quick spritz of Dogilicious imbues your pet with an enchanting and enduring aroma, ensuring they’re as pleasant to smell as they are to cuddle.

Indulge in the convenience of ordering individual bottles or curated packs, and feel free to customize your selection of fragrances when purchasing multiples – simply specify your choices in a message with your order.

Dogilicious is thoughtfully designed with your dog’s wellbeing in mind. It offers a refreshing all-over fragrance that not only makes your dog smell great but also contains soothing extracts to rejuvenate their skin after grooming. Just a few sprays from our non-aerosol pump will coat their fur with a wonderfully long-lasting scent. However, remember to use it with care – avoid spraying near your dog’s eyes, mouth, nose, or ears to keep your pet comfortable and happy.



Fragrance Options:

Breed – David Barkham – Doop – Ck-9 – Issey Miyappie – Lovely – Millions – T-Alien – Bark Opium – JPG

Baby Powder – Dogo Boss Intense – Good Gal  – Millions Lucky – Sausage – Socutey 1991 – Dogo Boss



Frequently asked questions:


Is dog perfume safe for all breeds?

Dog perfume is typically formulated to be safe for most breeds. However, certain breeds with more sensitive skin may require specially formulated products. Always check with a veterinarian if you’re unsure.


How do I apply dog perfume?

To apply dog perfume, spray it lightly onto your dog’s coat, avoiding the face, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth. It’s best to spray from a distance of about 6 inches.


How often can I use dog perfume on my dog?

Dog perfume can usually be used as needed, but it’s recommended not to apply it more than once a day to prevent potential irritation.


Is dog perfume different from human perfume?

Yes, dog perfume is specifically formulated to be safe for dogs’ skin and their sensitivity, whereas human perfume can be toxic and irritating to dogs.


How long does the scent of Dogilicious last?

The longevity of the scent can vary based on the dog’s activity level and the perfume’s formulation, but typically it can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.


What are the benefits of using Dogilicious?

Dog perfumes can help keep your dog smelling fresh between baths and can also contain soothing ingredients for the coat and skin.



Top uses:


Freshening Up Between Baths:

Dogilicious perfume for dogs is excellent for keeping your dog smelling fresh between regular baths, especially if your dog gets smelly quickly or dislikes water.


Post-Grooming Finishing Spray:

Many pet owners and professional groomers use dog perfume as a finishing touch after a grooming session to leave the coat smelling pleasant.


Neutralising Bad Odours:

If your dog has rolled in something smelly or has a lingering odour even after a bath, dog perfume can help mask the smell.


Improving Home Hygiene:

Dog perfume can make the home environment more pleasant, especially for guests who might be more sensitive to pet odours.


Comforting the Dog:

Some scents have a calming effect on dogs. Dog perfumes with such fragrances can help soothe an anxious or stressed pet.


For Special Occasions:

On special occasions like holidays, family gatherings, or photo shoots, This perfume for dogs can add a nice touch to ensure your pet is smelling its best.


After Outdoor Activities:

After a day out at the park or a hike, a quick spritz can refresh your dog before they hop into the car or enter the house.


During the Wet Seasons:

In rainy seasons, dogs can get a musty smell from being damp. This perfume for dogs can help combat that wet dog odour.


For Senior or Sick Dogs:

Older dogs or those with illnesses might not be able to groom themselves as effectively. A bit of dog perfume can help maintain their cleanliness.


As a Coat Conditioner:

Some dog perfumes also contain conditioning agents that can help detangle and smooth a dog’s coat, making it easier to brush and maintain.



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