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A100-A600 Central Heating Additives

A100 – A300 – A400 – A500 – A600

A Range Central heating additives are specially formulated chemicals that are introduced into a heating system to provide several benefits.

It’s important to choose the right additive for your specific needs and to ensure it’s compatible with your heating system. It’s also recommended to seek advice from a heating professional when considering using additives, especially when you’re not sure which product is suitable for your system.


A100-A600 Central Heating Additives


A Range

Central Heating Additives

A100 – A300 – A400 – A500 – A600

Our Original 1L Range

A Range Central heating additives are specially formulated chemicals that are introduced into a heating system to provide several benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider using central heating additives in your system:

  1. Corrosion Protection: One of the primary reasons for using additives is to protect the metal components of the heating system from corrosion. Over time, the metal components of a system can corrode due to oxygen in the system. This can result in radiator cold spots, blockages, and, in severe cases, leaks. Additives often contain corrosion inhibitors that protect the system’s components.
  2. Limescale Prevention: In areas with hard water, limescale can build up within the heating system. Limescale deposits can reduce the efficiency of the system and potentially lead to blockages. Some additives help prevent the build up of limescale.
  3. Reduce System Noise: Over time, heating systems can become noisy due to a build up of scale or gas pockets. Additives can help lubricate the system and reduce these noises.
  4. Improve Efficiency: By preventing limescale build up and ensuring the system is working optimally, additives can improve the overall efficiency of the heating system. This means that the system heats up quicker and requires less energy, which can save money on energy bills.
  5. Reduce Maintenance Costs: A system that is maintained with the appropriate additives will typically require less maintenance and repair. This can lead to cost savings over the life of the system.
  6. Extend System Life: By reducing corrosion and scale build up, you can extend the life of the components in your heating system, from the boiler to the radiators.
  7. Break Down Sludge: Over time, sludge can build up in a central heating system, leading to cold spots on radiators and reduced efficiency. Some additives contain chemicals that help break down and disperse this sludge.
  8. System Cleansers: Some additives are designed specifically to cleanse the system, removing existing sludge, rust, and other contaminants. They can be particularly useful when commissioning a new system or reviving an old one.
  9. Environmental Concern: Modern additives are often environmentally friendly and designed to be biodegradable, ensuring that they don’t harm the environment when they are eventually disposed of.

It’s important to choose the right additive for your specific needs and to ensure it’s compatible with your heating system. It’s also recommended to seek advice from a heating professional when considering using additives, especially when you’re not sure which product is suitable for your system.

A100 – A300 – A400 – A500 – A600
A100 Central Heating Inhibitor  

Discover the unbeatable benefits of Trade Chemicals A100 Central Heating Inhibitor and transform your heating system into a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution. Our specialized inhibitor is the key to maintaining a well-functioning heating system while prolonging its lifespan. Explore the myriad of advantages that Trade Chemicals A100 Inhibitor offers, ensuring your heating system operates at its peak performance.

Key Benefits:

1. Protects Against Corrosion: Unchecked corrosion can wreak havoc on your heating system, leading to costly damage and repairs. Trade Chemicals A100 Central Heating Inhibitor forms a protective layer that shields your system from rust and corrosion, enabling it to operate flawlessly for years to come.

2. Boosts Energy Efficiency: Debris, limescale, and sludge build up within your heating system can hinder its efficiency, resulting in higher energy consumption and increased costs. By incorporating Trade Chemicals Inhibitor, you can effectively remove these deposits, restoring your system’s optimal performance and reducing energy waste.

3. Optimizes Heat Output: Over time, central heating systems can experience reduced heat output, leaving you feeling less comfortable in your own home. With A100 Inhibitor, you can tackle this issue head-on. By eliminating obstructions and blockages, our inhibitor ensures a consistent and efficient heat distribution throughout your space, keeping you warm and cosy throughout the year.

4. Extends System Lifespan: Investing in Trade Chemicals A100 Central Heating Inhibitor is a smart choice for homeowners seeking to prolong the life of their heating system. By preventing corrosion, removing debris, and optimizing performance, our inhibitor helps safeguard your valuable equipment, saving you money on costly repairs or premature replacements.

5. Cost Savings: Trade Chemicals Inhibitor is not just an investment in your heating system’s longevity; it is also a smart financial decision. By optimizing energy efficiency, you can witness a significant reduction in energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and long-term savings.

A300 Central Heating Cleanser

The A300 is not just another cleaner; it’s a specialized formula designed to meet the specific challenges posed by central heating systems. Whether it’s flux residue, scale, or corrosion, the A300 can handle it all, making sure your heating system functions at its peak potential.

Key Benefits:
  1. Intensive Cleaning Action:
    Over the years, it’s natural for central heating systems to accumulate sludge, debris, and scale. These culprits can significantly hinder the system’s efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption and even potential blockages. The A300’s intensive cleaning properties target these unwelcome guests, restoring the system’s pristine state.
  2. Prolonged System Life:
    A clean system is a healthy system. By ensuring consistent water circulation and preventing debris build up, the A300 cleaner reduces wear and tear on crucial components like the boiler and pump. This translates into a longer lifespan for your system, saving you from premature replacements or costly repairs.
  3. State-of-the-art Corrosion Protection:
    Rust and corrosion are enemies of any central heating system. Factors like moisture and oxygen can expedite corrosion, leading to damage in pipes, radiators, and other essential components. But with the A300 in your arsenal, you’re equipped with top-notch corrosion inhibitors. These create a protective layer on your system’s internal surfaces, keeping rust at bay.
  4. Convenience Redefined:
    Using the A300 isn’t rocket science. Designed with the user in mind, it can be effortlessly added to your system either through a dosing device or directly into the feed and expansion tank. Plus, its universal compatibility ensures that whether your system is old or new, the A300 is always up for the task.
A400 Central Heating Sludge Remover 

Every heating system, be it in a cozy home or a sprawling commercial space, demands regular maintenance. With time, sludge build up can compromise the very essence of its purpose, rendering it inefficient. Enter the A400 Sludge Remover by Trade Chemicals – your heating system’s best friend and saviour.

Key Benefits:
  • Safety First: Non-acidic composition guarantees the safety of your system, mitigating risks of leaks or pin-holing.
  • Broad Spectrum: Apt for all indirect heating systems, including those with aluminium components.
  • Old System Resurrection: Exclusively formulated to rejuvenate and reenergize aged heating structures.
  • Optimized Radiator Performance: Successfully combats cold spots ensuring even heat distribution.
  • Installation Readiness: Prepares older systems for seamless new component integrations.

A500 Central Heating Leak Sealer

A500 Central Heating Leak Sealer, a paramount solution to safeguard and enhance the life of your central heating system. Tackle minor leaks efficiently and ensure your system operates at its optimal best with this specially formulated product. A500 Leak sealer is an additives designed for central heating systems to seal small leaks and weeps which might be found in radiators, boilers, and heating pipes. This products can be invaluable as a short-term solution or when traditional repair methods are impractical.

Key Benefits:

  1. High Compatibility: Crafted to be suitable for all types of heating systems, encompassing aluminium-based ones.
  2. Economical: Save on potential high-cost repairs or replacements by proactively using C500 Central Heating Leak Sealer
  3. Versatile Volume Options: Whether you have a modest home setup or a vast commercial space, choose from 500ml, 5L, or 25L sizes to match your need.
  4. Expert Craftsmanship: Proudly manufactured in the UK by Trade Chemicals, a name synonymous with quality.
A600 Central Heating Power Flush

A600 Central Heating Power Flush by Trade Chemicals is an advanced concentrated solution specifically designed to eradicate unwanted contaminants from heating systems. As time passes, natural by-products such as rust accumulate within your pipes, boiler, and radiators. If not dealt with, these contaminants can coalesce into a muddy, sludge-like substance. The A600 Power Flush not only eliminates this sludge but revitalizes the efficiency of your heating system.

Key Benefits: 
  1. High Concentration: Specially formulated to work effectively across all heating systems, including those with aluminium bases.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: Regular use of C600 Central Heating Power Flush can prevent the need for costly replacements and repairs.
  3. Increased Efficiency: By removing blockages and corrosion, the C600 Power Flush ensures that your heating system runs at its optimum performance.
  4. Versatile: Suitable for a variety of heating systems, whether they employ stainless steel or copper heat exchangers.
  5. Economical: Reduces the need for frequent maintenance, saving you money in the long run.
  6. Multi Use:  C600 can be used via any Power Flush Machine – if excess foam occurs, simply use less concentrate in your machine


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