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Gas Leak Detector Spray

Gas Leak Detector is a specially formulated fluid designed specifically to identify even the smallest, positive pressure, gaseous leak on plastic and metallic pipework and fittings.



Gas Leak Detector Spray


Gas Leak Detector Spray is a specially formulated fluid. It has been designed to identify even the smallest, positive pressure and gaseous leaks on both plastic and metallic pipework and fittings.

It leaves a thin uniform film of surface-active agents. This accurately and efficiently identifies any leakage or bleeding in joints. If there does happen to be a leak anywhere in the pipework it will clearly form bubbles so you will be able to see exactly where the leak may be coming from.


Product Details

This gas leak detector fluid is suitable for use with most gases and because of this it is also compatible with most types of refrigerant gases. It has a low chlorine content in the product ensuring that it has maximum plastic compatibility. Our Gas Leak Detector Spray will not harm any system metals or plastics when it is applied; so you will be able to use this product anywhere you may be requiring it. It is a product supplied in a convenient liquid spray format to ensure easy, consistent and accurate application with no wastage or spillages from having to pour the product over the surface.


Usage method

Simply spray an even layer of fluid around the area you may suspect leak in; the liquid will form a thin layer over the surface.  If any leaks are present, bubble will form. Because of this you will be able to easily see where the leak is coming from. This way you can easily solve the issue without having to spend too much time searching for the leak itself.


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