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SOLCLEAN Concentrated Solar Panel Cleaner

Sol Clean is a Non Toxic – Concentrated foaming cleaner, created for the purpose of cleaning Solar Panels

In order for Solar Panels to perform to their maximum, it is very important to keep them clean & maintained at all times.
In doing this, it means the panels are clean and that they can reach their most efficient potential for energy generation

Using this Non Caustic product will clean your solar panels preventing the possible build up of dirt, grime, dust, pollen and bird faeces. Clean solar panels are far more efficient at energy production


SOLCLEAN Concentrated Solar Panel Cleaner



Solar Panel Cleaner



Introducing Sol Clean Non-Toxic Concentrated Foaming Cleaner for Sparkling Solar Panels!

Unlock the full potential of your solar panels with Sol Clean, the ultimate solution for maintaining peak energy efficiency. Our non-toxic, concentrated foaming cleaner is specially designed to keep your solar panels in pristine condition, ensuring they perform at their absolute best.


Why Sol Clean is a must have for every solar panel owner? Let us enlighten you:


🌞 Maximum Performance: Solar panels are only as good as their cleanliness. Sol Clean ensures that your panels are free from dirt, grime, dust, pollen, and even bird droppings, so they can operate at their highest efficiency.


🌿 Non-Toxic Formula: We care about the environment just as much as you do. Sol Clean’s non-caustic formula is gentle on the planet while being tough on dirt. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a clean conscience.


🔍 Concentrated Power: A little goes a long way with Sol Clean. Our concentrated formula means you’ll use less product, making it a cost-effective choice for maintaining your solar panels.


🌟 Enhanced Energy Generation: With Sol Clean, you’ll maximize your solar panel’s energy production potential. Clean panels absorb more sunlight, leading to increased energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.


Easy Application: Sol Clean is designed for hassle-free application. Simply apply and watch it foam away dirt and grime, leaving your solar panels sparkling clean.


Don’t let dirt and debris cloud your solar panel’s potential. Elevate your energy efficiency and environmental responsibility with Sol Clean. Get ready to harness the power of the sun like never before.

Experience the brilliance of Sol Clean today and let your solar panels shine brighter than ever!


solar panel cleaner top 10 uses:


Maximizing Energy Production: Cleaning your solar panels regularly with a solar panel cleaner ensures they can capture more sunlight, thus generating more electricity for your home or business.


Improving Efficiency: Solar panels covered in dust, dirt, or bird droppings can lose efficiency. A solar panel cleaner helps maintain the efficiency of your solar system.


Extending Lifespan: Keeping your solar panels clean can extend their lifespan, saving you money on replacements and maintenance.


Reducing Energy Bills: Cleaner solar panels produce more energy, which can result in lower energy bills as you rely less on the grid.


Environmental Impact: Using a non-toxic solar panel cleaner is eco-friendly, reducing the environmental impact associated with energy production.


Enhancing Aesthetics: Clean solar panels look better and can boost the curb appeal of your property.


Preventing Damage: Regular cleaning can prevent the accumulation of debris that might damage the surface of your solar panels over time.


Optimizing ROI: Solar panel systems are an investment. Cleaning them helps you get the most out of your investment by maximizing returns.


Ensuring Safety: Cleaner solar panels reduce the risk of fire hazards due to the accumulation of combustible materials.


Maintaining Warranty: Many solar panel manufacturers require regular cleaning as part of their warranty conditions. Using a proper solar panel cleaner can help you meet these requirements.




Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panel Cleaner:


Why do I need a solar panel cleaner?

A solar panel cleaner helps maintain the efficiency and performance of your solar panels by removing dirt, dust, and other debris that can accumulate on their surface.


How often should I clean my solar panels?

The frequency of cleaning can vary depending on your location and environmental conditions. Generally, it’s recommended to clean them at least once or twice a year, but areas with high pollution or dust may require more frequent cleaning.


Can I use regular household cleaners on my solar panels?

No, it’s not recommended to use household cleaners as they may contain chemicals that can harm the panels. Use a specialized solar panel cleaner designed for the purpose such as Solar Panel Cleaner.


Do I need to turn off my solar panels before cleaning them?

It’s generally not necessary to turn off your solar panels before cleaning. However, if you have concerns about safety, you can consult your solar panel manufacturer or installer for guidance.


Can I clean my solar panels on a cloudy day or during the rain?

Cleaning on a cloudy day is acceptable, but it’s more effective to clean when the panels are dry. Avoid cleaning during the rain, as it may dilute the cleaning solution and reduce its effectiveness.


What equipment do I need for cleaning solar panels?

You’ll need a soft brush or sponge, a hose with a gentle nozzle, a bucket, Solar Panel Cleaner, and safety equipment like gloves and safety glasses.


Will cleaning my solar panels void the warranty?

Some solar panel manufacturers require regular cleaning as part of their warranty conditions. Check your panel’s warranty documentation for specific guidelines.


How can I tell if my solar panels need cleaning?

A noticeable drop in energy production or the visible accumulation of dirt, debris, or bird droppings are signs that your solar panels may need cleaning.


Can I use a pressure washer to clean my solar panels?

Using a pressure washer is generally not recommended, as it can damage the panels or disrupt their seals. Stick to gentler cleaning methods.



They can attain surface temperature in excess of 65 degrees C


We recommend this product is used via a Dosing bottle, through a spray lance on 0.5% – 1% depending on required strength.
It will work just as well if you can clean your panels by hand.
You can use this product with either cold or hot water.


Dilution RATE: 100:1


Spray the panels initially with water
Then using either method – apply the pre diluted solution to your panels & leave to soak for a few minute
If you are using the lance method – simply spray & rinse the panels
If you are using the hand method, agitate the panels with a sponge or brush, then rinse fully


Sol Clean is 100% safe for all Solar Panels surfaces including the Frame & Seals.
Formulated for all Solar Panels – Thermal or Photo Voltaic
Safe Non Caustic Formula is suitable for all surfaces including frames & seals
Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable


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