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Refresh MAX Atomizer Range

Great for the home, the office, and in the car. Also seats, roof linings, carpets and boot covers. In fact, Refresh Max is a 100% Biodegradable product, safe on almost all surfaces.


Refresh MAX Atomizer Range


Refresh MAX Atomizer Range



Introducing Refresh Max Odour Neutralising Deodoriser: The Ultimate Solution for a Breath of Fresh Air

Are unpleasant odours taking over your living spaces, making your environment less inviting? Say goodbye to unwanted smells and welcome a breath of fresh air with Refresh Max, the highly effective odour neutralising deodoriser that revolutionizes the way you experience cleanliness and freshness.

Refresh MAX offers an exceptional range of fragrances that stand out for their unique blends and lasting aroma. Each scent is carefully crafted, combining natural essences and innovative aroma compounds to create an immersive experience. Whether it’s the freshness of Cut grass, the zest of Sherbet lemon, or the soothing calm of Clean cotton.

The compact bottle size of Refresh MAX is a significant benefit. It makes the product highly portable, easy to store, and convenient to use in various settings like cars, small rooms, or office spaces. This design choice reflects Trade Chemicals’ understanding of modern lifestyle needs, where efficiency and practicality are as important as quality and luxury.



Key Features:


Unrivalled Odour Elimination: Refresh Max is not just your average deodoriser. Its advanced formula has been meticulously engineered to target and neutralise even the toughest and most persistent odours, leaving your surroundings smelling fresh and clean.


Long-Lasting Freshness: Don’t settle for temporary relief. Refresh Max provides hours of continuous odour control, ensuring your spaces remain inviting and pleasant throughout the day.


Versatile Application: Great for the home, the office, and in the car. Also ideal for seats, roof linings, carpets, and boot covers. In fact, Refresh Max is a 100% Biodegradable product, safe on almost all surfaces. Whether it’s your home, office, car, gym bag, or any other space, Refresh Max is versatile enough to use wherever unpleasant odours linger. Simply spray or dispense, and let Refresh Max work its magic.


Quick and Easy to Use: Refresh Max is designed with convenience in mind. Its ergonomic packaging and user-friendly applicator make it a breeze to use, even for those on the go.


Neutral Fragrance: Unlike overpowering scents that simply mask odours, Refresh Max leaves behind a neutral and subtle fragrance, ensuring that your environment remains genuinely fresh without being overwhelmed by artificial perfumes.


Environmentally Conscious: We care about the planet as much as you do. Refresh Max is formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients and comes in recyclable packaging, so you can feel good about your choice.




Why Choose Refresh Max?


Refresh Max is your trusted partner in the battle against odours. Its potent, long-lasting formula sets it apart from ordinary deodorisers, ensuring that your living spaces are always ready to welcome guests or provide you with a personal oasis of freshness.


Whether you’re dealing with pet odours, kitchen mishaps, musty basements, or any other stubborn smells, Refresh Max has got you covered. Say goodbye to odour frustration and hello to the refreshing experience you deserve.


Make the smart choice for a fresher, cleaner environment. Choose Refresh Max Odour Neutralising Deodoriser and transform your surroundings with a breath of fresh air. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!




Frequently asked Questions:


What are air fresheners? Air fresheners are products designed to mask unwanted odours in indoor spaces or introduce pleasant fragrances. They work by emitting fragrance to cover up odours or through other methods like adsorption, oxidation, or disinfection​​​​.


Where are air fresheners used? Refresh MAX can be used in both domestic and commercial settings, suitable for small and large spaces due to its versatile and effective formula.


What do air fresheners emit? Refresh emits specially crafted fragrances that are designed to introduce a pleasant aroma into the air, helping to mask other odours​​.


How do air freshener emissions affect the indoor environment? The emissions from Refresh enhance the indoor environment by providing a fresh and pleasant scent,

contributing to a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


How do air freshener emissions affect human health? While some air fresheners can provoke allergy and asthma symptoms, Refresh was formulated to be user-friendly, with careful consideration of its ingredients to minimise such risks​​.


Do emissions from “green” air fresheners differ from regular air fresheners? Refresh MAX, while focusing on efficacy, also incorporates aspects of environmentally friendly

practices in its formulation and packaging.


What about involuntary exposure to air fresheners within indoor environments? The design and application method of Refresh MAX minimizes the risk of involuntary exposure, ensuring that its use is controlled and safe.



Our strongest ever Refresh MAX fragrance! As such, each spray lasts for longer than you’d ever imagine.

A highly effective odour neutralising deodoriser, which is available in 24 different fragrances. From fruity cherry to refreshing eucalyptus, from zingy apple to homely fresh linen, there’s a fragrance for everyone.

Great for the home, the office, and in the car. Also seats, roof linings, carpets and boot covers. In fact, Refresh Max is a 100% Biodegradable product, safe on almost all surfaces.

With a whole new look and new formula our Refresh is better than it has ever been before.




Top 10 uses:


Office Desks: Keep your desk area smelling fresh by spraying Refresh MAX around your workspace.


Bins: Spray inside your bins to control odours.


Smoke Odour Removal: Use in rooms where smoking occurs to eliminate smoke smells.


Restroom Freshness: Spray in restrooms to maintain a fresh and clean scent.


Conference Rooms: Freshen up meeting or conference rooms, especially in small, enclosed spaces.


Bathrooms: Spray in bathrooms to mask odours and maintain a pleasant aroma.


Car Interiors: Use Refresh MAX in cars to eliminate odours from food, smoke, or pets.


Wardrobes and Closets: Spray inside wardrobes to keep clothes smelling fresh, particularly useful in humid climates or for those with a large collection of clothes.


Kitchen Towels and Sheets: Freshen up towels and sheets by spraying before storing them, ensuring they always smell clean.


Shoe Freshener: Place Refresh MAX inside shoes overnight to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odours​​​​.





Keep away from children

If product enters eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water for several minutes

If irritation persists, seek medical advice immediately



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    je viens de tester ce parfumeur de voitur
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