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Relancer Conservatory Cleaner

Conservatory Cleaner is a special blend of surfactants, conditioners & detergents. As such, you will get a show home sparkling finish time and time again.

It achieves excellent results on UPVC surfaces, bringing them back to their former glory with a minimal amount of effort.

On glass, you will also see a streak free and crystal clear finish!


Relancer Conservatory Cleaner


Conservatory Roof & UPVC Panel Cleaner 


Conservatory Cleaner

Conservatory Cleaner represents a unique formulation, a synergy of surfactants, conditioners, and detergents designed to consistently deliver a sparkling, show home quality finish. This cleaner stands out for its superb efficacy on UPVC surfaces, effortlessly restoring them to their original lustre with minimal effort.

It leaves a streak-free, crystal-clear appearance on glass surfaces. The innovative conditioners in the cleaner work at a molecular level, effectively breaking down everything from dried-on organic materials to stubborn bird droppings. The surfactants are then able to lift these contaminants from the surface, encapsulating them within the foam. This action necessitates only a slight agitation before a simple rinse is enough to wash the dirt away.

What elevates Conservatory Cleaner above its counterparts is its non-toxic and caustic-free composition, ensuring it is entirely safe for use around the family and pets, posing no risk whatsoever. Versatility is another of its strengths, with the option to use it neat or dilute it up to 100:1 for use with a pressure washer.

Using a high-pressure nozzle amplifies the cleaner’s foaming action, creating a dense blanket of foam that penetrates deeply for an effective clean. After allowing it to dwell for 10 minutes, a thorough rinse with water is all that’s needed to reveal a pristine, rejuvenated conservatory.


Top 10 Uses of Conservatory Cleaner:


UPVC Conservatories: Cleans and revitalizes UPVC frames, windows, and doors, restoring their original shine.


Glass Panels: Offers a streak-free finish on conservatory glass, enhancing transparency and clarity.


Roof Panels: Effectively cleans polycarbonate and glass conservatory roof panels, removing algae, moss, and grime.


Gutters and Downspouts: Helps clear out the build-up in gutters and downspouts attached to the conservatory.


Window Frames and Sills: Works on window frames and sills, dealing with dust, dirt, and weather stains.


Outdoor Furniture: Safe for use on garden and patio furniture, removing dirt and bird droppings.


Greenhouses: Suitable for cleaning the exterior of greenhouses, both glass and plastic surfaces.


Facias and Soffits: Cleans facias and soffits around the house, especially those made of UPVC.


Garden Ornaments and Statues: Gentle on various materials, conservatory cleaner can be used to clean and maintain garden ornaments and statues.


Vehicle Exteriors: Its non-toxic formula makes it safe for cleaning UPVC parts on cars, caravans, and boats.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Conservatory Cleaner?

Conservatory Cleaner is a specially formulated blend of surfactants, conditioners, and detergents designed to clean conservatories, specifically UPVC and glass surfaces, delivering a sparkling, streak-free finish.


Can Conservatory Cleaner be used on all types of conservatories?

Yes, it is suitable for use on all types of conservatory materials including glass, UPVC, and polycarbonate panels. Always test on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility.


How do you dilute Conservatory Cleaner for use with a pressure washer?

For pressure washers, you can dilute Conservatory Cleaner up to 100:1, depending on the level of soiling. Start with a more diluted solution and increase concentration if needed.


Is Conservatory Cleaner safe for plants and pets?

Yes, the cleaner is non-toxic and caustic-free, making it safe for use around pets and plants when used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


How often should I use Conservatory Cleaner?

It depends on the exposure of your conservatory to elements and the level of dirt accumulation. Generally, a thorough clean once or twice a year should be sufficient, with spot cleaning as required.


Can Conservatory Cleaner be used on interior surfaces?

While it is primarily formulated for exterior use, it can be used on interior surfaces. Ensure the area is well-ventilated and follow the instructions on the label for any specific indoor use guidance.


Will Conservatory Cleaner remove mould and algae?

Yes, it is designed to tackle organic growth such as mould and algae, breaking it down on a molecular level for easy removal.


Do I need to rinse Conservatory Cleaner off after application?

Yes, after applying the cleaner and allowing it to dwell for the recommended time, it should be thoroughly rinsed off with water.


Can Conservatory Cleaner be used in direct sunlight?

It’s best to avoid using the cleaner in direct sunlight because it can dry too quickly, leading to streaks. Apply on a cloudy day or when the conservatory is in the shade for the best results.


What should I do if Conservatory Cleaner gets on my skin or in my eyes?

If the cleaner gets on your skin, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. Always wear protective gloves and eye protection when using cleaning chemicals.




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