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Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner

This Wheelie Bin Cleaner is a high quality daily cleaner that has been designed for regular use on all bins & surrounding area to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. You can use this in many ways – but we recommend using via a spray bottle for ease.  Can be applied neat or diluted up to 100 times whilst still remaining effective.


Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner


Wheelie Bin Cleaner



Introducing our premium Wheelie Bin Cleaner, expertly crafted by us for optimal cleanliness and hygiene of your bins and surrounding areas. This versatile cleaner, ideal for daily use, ensures your environment stays sanitary and fresh. For maximum convenience, we recommend application with a spray bottle, though it can be used in various ways to suit your needs.

Our formula is highly efficient, offering the option to use it neat or diluted up to 100 times while maintaining its effectiveness. It boasts a remarkable 99.9% bacteria elimination rate, ensuring your bins are not only clean but also thoroughly disinfected.

Trust in the strength of our disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate to annihilate odour-producing bacteria and fungi, effectively neutralising foul smells instead of merely covering them up. This Wheelie Bin Cleaner doesn’t just mask odours; it eradicates bacteria at the source, thanks to its unique blend of potent biocides. Experience a truly refreshing and hygienic environment with our innovative cleaning solution.



Top uses of Wheelie Bin Cleaner:


Remove Debris: Essential for removing loose debris and hardened muck from the bottom of the bin. A long, hard-bristled brush can be used to scrape out filth​​.


Scrub Insides Lightly: Lightly washing the interior of the wheelie bin with a long-handled brush helps remove sludge and debris​​.


Clean with Mop: A nylon-string mop is suggested for scrubbing the bin, as it can clean a large area in one pass and is effective in removing stains​​.


Thoroughly Rinse: After scrubbing, rinsing the bin properly is crucial to remove any cleaning solution and remaining filth​​.


Cleaning the Lid: Using a portable scrubber or brush for the lid is recommended, as it doesn’t require a long-handled tool​​.


Clean the Outside: The exterior of the bin also needs to be cleaned to prevent foul odour and dirt accumulation​​.


Disinfect: Disinfectants can be used to thoroughly cleanse and sanitize the bin, both inside and out​​.


Rinse and Dry: After disinfecting, it’s important to rinse the bin again and let it dry properly to prevent mould growth​​.


Additional benefits:


  • Efficient Oil Removal: It’s suitable for cleaning equipment and effectively removes oil​​.
  • Kills Germs: It can prevent the growth of bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli, which are common in wheelie bins​​.
  • Saves Time: The cleaner is designed to clean efficiently and quickly, which saves time compared to other methods​​.
  • Stops Insects: It helps prevent the accumulation of insects and other pests in and around the bin​​.
  • Keeps Air Fresh: The cleaner prevents bad odours and keeps the air around the bin fresh and hygienic​​.


How To Use Wheelie Bin Cleaner:

Simply spray over the surfaces – leave to act for a few minutes – agitate & then rinse away.  Many people use a Jet Spray which will agitate & rinse for you and make the job much easier. Using a brush to help break up particles in the bin also helps in the cleaning process. This product is ideal to disinfect, clean & refresh wheelie, kitchen and bathroom bins.


Kills 99.9% of Bacteria – Cleans & Disinfects – Eliminates Odour



Frequently asked questions:


Do you only clean wheelie bins?

While this question typically refers to a cleaning service, if you’re using Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner, it’s designed for all bins and surrounding areas to maintain clean and hygienic conditions​​.


Why do I need my bin cleaning?

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent pest infestations and bacterial contamination. Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner is highly effective in disinfecting and eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, thus keeping your bins sanitary and odour-free​​​​.


How should I use Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner?

Spray the cleaner over the surfaces, leave it for a few minutes, agitate, and then rinse away. It’s also recommended to use a brush to break up particles in the bin during the cleaning process​​.


Can it be used on different types of bins?

Yes, Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner is versatile and can be used for wheelie, kitchen, and bathroom bins, ensuring they are disinfected, clean, and refreshed​​.


Is Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner safe to use around animals?

Unlike conventional disinfectants, Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner is safe to use around animals and doesn’t require rinsing the treated area after cleaning​​.


What are the additional benefits of using Relancer Wheelie Bin Cleaner?

It’s efficient in oil removal, kills germs including Salmonella and E. Coli, saves time in cleaning, stops insects, and keeps the air fresh. The product also prevents bad odours and is effective in disinfecting to various standards​​.



Effective disinfectant to standards: EN1040, EN 1276, EN13697, EN1650, EN1275 EN 14476:2005. Broad spectrum disinfectant to EN1656, EN1657 for use in veterinary environments

For general use as an effective cleaner, deodoriser and disinfectant dilute at a maximum rate of 1:100 with water.

Apply by spraying, mopping or wiping. The further diluted the product is – the less it will smell

For severe odour problems you can use product neat.



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