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Sparkle – Spa Cleaning and Maintenance

Sparkle spa products are the very best in spa and hot tub care.  These include filter & cartridge cleaner, scale doctor, clarifier & no foam.


Sparkle – Spa Cleaning and Maintenance

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Spa Cleaner


  • Filter & Cartridge Cleaner

Maintenance and cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy filtration system in a spa. Part of this maintenance is using Spa Cleaner to clean the sand or cartridges within the filter.


Direction for use:

Sand Filters

Backwash the filter, drain & isolate then replace the drain before proceeding.

Add at a rate as follows:

18” filter 250ml 30” filter 750ml

24” filter 500ml 36” filter 1000ml

Fill the chamber with water and allow to soak overnight. Rinse thoroughly for at least 2 minutes before returning the filter to use

Cartridge Filters

Remove cartridge and other screens from the unit and flush soiling from the filter body cartridge and screens. Soak both the cartridge and screens overnight in a 5% solution of filter & cartridge cleaner (5ml per 100ml of water) Rinse thoroughly, allow to dry and then use a soft brush to agitate. Reassemble the filter unit.


  • Spa Clarifier

Over time spa water may lose its sparkle, Trade Chem Platinum Spa Clarifier will help to restore the clarity to the water


· Shake bottle well

· Use Test Kit and adjust sanitiser level and pH as necessary. Ensure the spa chlorine/bromine residual is 3ppm and pH is between 7.2 and 7.6

· Clean filter with Trade Chem Filter & Cartridge

· Add Spa Clarifier at a rate of 30ml per 1,000 litres of spa water


  • Spa No Foam

Cosmetics, oils and soaps will create foaming if allowed to build up in spa water. Simply adding Trade Chem Spa No Foam will eliminate foam from spa water surfaces

Spas which experience excessive foaming should be drained and refilled


  • Shake bottle well
  • Use 25ml per 1000ltrs of spa water
  • Disperse over surface of spa water
  • Repeat if necessary

Health & Safety

Never mix with any other chemicals including cleaning products, bleaches, weed killers or chlorine based products, as a dangerous reaction may occur.

Handle products in a well vented area, outdoors if possible

Always wash hands thoroughly after using any spa chemicals.

Store in a cool dry place, above 5 degrees C, do not allow to freeze.

Dosage instructions are given as a guide for the most effective product use.

Do not drink this product – if it enters eyes, rinse well with plenty of clean water


  • Scale Doctor

Hot Tub Scale Remover & Inhibitor Descaler
Cares for Pumps Jets Heater Spa

Cheaper products on eBay are just inhibitors which will help prevent the build-up of limescale. This one has all of those benefits PLUS it will dissolve all limescale which has already built up over a period of time clogging your pipework, filters, jet nozzles, and pumps giving your system a deep clean throughout.

Due to the PH of a hot tub, limescale can quickly form which damages Heaters & pumps, not to mention seizing Jet Nozzles effecting the performance

Restore the silky smooth texture of your hot tub to how it was when first purchased, making your bathing far more comfortable

A complex blend of inhibitors to help protect the entire system from corrosion.


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1 review for Sparkle – Spa Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Amanda Betingcourt

    Incredible stuff, had lots of little floaty whisps of white stuff caused by hard water and this clarified the water within 24 hours!! Brilliant product

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