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Magnesium Chloride Dead Sea Salts Flakes

Magnesium chloride is a salt found on sea beds and salt lakes all around the world, its prominent component is dead sea salt which makes up over 30% of its weight, and each litre of Dead Sea water contains 170g of Magnesium Chloride. The white, odourless salt has been utilised for its numerous health benefits and other various uses for centuries.


Magnesium Chloride Dead Sea Salts Flakes

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Magnesium Chloride Salts

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What are Magnesium chloride Salts/Flakes?


Magnesium Chloride is a chemical compound that is an essential mineral for the human body, contributing to over 300 biochemical reactions. It is a highly efficient source of magnesium, ensuring the body receives this vital nutrient for maintaining overall health and wellness.


Magnesium Chloride salts & Flakes have been proven to offer significant stress relief benefits. It helps to calm the nervous system and promote deep relaxation. When used in baths it can soothe sore muscles and reduce muscle cramps and tension.



What is it used for?:

Magnesium chloride can be used to ease numerous health ailments, it can be used as a bath soak to aid issues such as chronic pain or ongoing joint/muscle issues due to the magnesium chloride being absorbed into the skin, and this absorption it can also increase the body’s magnesium levels and encourages muscle relaxation and skin health and using the salt to soak can also promote wound healing.


This product can also be used as a de-icer as it increases the freezing point of water. Magnesium chloride is far less harmful to the environment compared to other products which may be spread on the ground to create a safe walkway. This product is far safer for plants and wildlife so it can be used in gardens on things such as small paths/flagstones and back yard steps to prevent slipping on any ice.


Magnesium chloride can be added to marine aquariums to increase Magnesium levels and balance the PH up. It helps to aid the correct balance to promote coral and algae growth and maintain the aquariums health.


Magnesium chloride helps to activate approximately 300 enzymes, which aids in the relaxation of your body and your mind, and it can also draw away lactic acid which may build up in the body following a workout and therefore reduces muscle cramps, stress and oxygen deficiency symptoms therefore leaving you feeling less sore and weak post-workout.



How to use Magnesium chloride Salts:

Dissolve 2-4 glasses of Magnesium chloride Salts (approx. 250ml) in the bath tub, you can put more or less flakes if you would like to, however, the more flakes you place into the bath the more intense the bath will be. Magnesium chloride can make you feel as though you can float in the bath, and sometimes does make limbs (such as legs) float if they are relaxed. Do not exceed 6 cups per bath. Important: Your skin might feel a bit itchy at the beginning but do not worry, that is completely normal until the skin gets used to the magnesium. If any rash or irritation appear, stop the treatment immediately.


*If some of the flakes are not pure white, rather grey or dark in colour, do not worry. They are natural and are not treated with any chemicals to make them all one colour. We do not dye the flakes with any chemicals so some colour impurities are to be expected.



FAQ’s about Magnesium chloride Salts:


Are magnesium chloride flakes the same as Epsom salts?

Epsom salt is a compound of magnesium and sulphate; whereas magnesium chloride flakes are a compound of—you guessed it—magnesium and chloride.


Is Magnesium chloride Salts good for your skin?

Magnesium is also known as an important chemical in immune function and plays a role in reducing acne and breakouts, skin allergies and also collagen function.


Can you use Magnesium chloride Salts whilst taking other vitamins?

Yes. Vitamins and minerals all work in combination and rely on each other to be fully effective. Using magnesium helps your body to absorb and use minerals; such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins such as vitamin D.


Who should not use magnesium?

People with diabetes, intestinal disease, heart disease or kidney disease should not use magnesium before consulting with their GP/health care provider. Some prescription tablets do not mix with excess doses of magnesium and magnesium can also occasionally lower blood pressure.



Top Ten Uses:

1. De-icing and anti-icing agent: Magnesium chloride salts are commonly used to de-ice roads, highways, and sidewalks during winter to prevent the accumulation of ice and ensure safer travel conditions.


2. Dust control: It is used as a dust suppressant by spraying or spreading it on dusty roads, construction sites, and mining areas. This helps to control airborne dust particles and improve air quality.


3. Water treatment: Magnesium chloride salts are utilized in water treatment processes such as softening and conditioning. It helps to bind with impurities and remove contaminants, thus improving water quality.


4. Fertilizer: As a nutrient source, magnesium chloride salts are used in agriculture and horticulture industries to provide magnesium to plants. It plays a crucial role in chlorophyll synthesis, enzyme activation, and overall plant growth.


5. Skin care products: Magnesium chloride salts are known for their skin nourishing properties. They are used in various skincare products like bath salts, body scrubs, and lotions, as they are believed to benefit the skin by improving its hydration and texture.


6. Supplement: Some individuals use magnesium chloride salts as a dietary supplement to increase their magnesium intake. It is available in capsule or liquid form and can help support various bodily functions, including muscle function, nerve transmission, and energy production.


7. Medical uses: In the medical field, magnesium chloride salts are used intravenously to treat magnesium deficiency and certain cardiac conditions. It is also used as an anticonvulsant in certain cases.


8. Cosmetics: Magnesium chloride salts are commonly added to cosmetics such as makeup, skincare creams, and hair products. It can enhance stability, texture, and viscosity of these products, providing benefits to the users.


9. Bathing in magnesium baths: Dissolving magnesium chloride salts in warm water creates a relaxing and therapeutic bath, known as magnesium baths. It is believed to help with muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and promote general well-being.


10. Food additives: In the food industry, magnesium chloride salts are used as an additive to provide a sour taste in various foods. It is also used as a firming agent in the production of tofu and as a coagulant in cheese-making processes.




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