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ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner

ZENFRESH is a Yoga Mat Cleaner specifically designed to not only deodorise your mat(s), but add an infusion of scent that promotes a relaxing atmosphere and better meditation. Our formula is 100% biodegradable because we come from an established background making pet products and take our environmental responsibilities seriously. The product comes in a compact bottle, small enough to fit in your bag on the go.


ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner


Yoga Mat Cleaner



ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner:

Introducing ZENFRESH, the ultimate Yoga Mat Cleaner meticulously crafted to elevate your yoga practice. Not just your ordinary mat cleaner, ZENFRESH goes beyond the basics.

Unveil a harmonious blend of serenity and cleanliness as ZENFRESH not only rids your mat(s) of unwanted odours but also imparts a soothing aroma, creating the ideal ambiance for profound meditation and relaxation.

Our commitment to the environment shines through with our 100% biodegradable formula. Born from our extensive experience in producing eco-conscious pet products, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, ensuring every spray of ZENFRESH is a step towards a greener world.

The convenience of ZENFRESH extends to its compact bottle, designed to slip effortlessly into your bag for on-the-go mat maintenance. Elevate your yoga experience with ZENFRESH, where cleanliness meets tranquillity. Or even in our 5L option where your liquid will go a long way ad is ideal for groups and classes that use yoga mats.



Top uses of ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner:


Mat Cleaning: ZENFRESH effectively cleans and sanitises your yoga mat, removing dirt, sweat, and germs, keeping it fresh and hygienic for your practice.


Odour Elimination: Say goodbye to unpleasant mat odours. ZENFRESH eliminates unwanted smells, leaving your mat smelling clean and inviting.


Scent Infusion: ZENFRESH adds a calming and refreshing scent to your yoga mat, promoting a serene atmosphere for your practice and enhancing meditation.


Meditation Aid: The soothing aroma from ZENFRESH Yoga Mat Cleaner can enhance your meditation experience, helping you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and mindfulness.


Environmental Responsibility: ZENFRESH’s 100% biodegradable formula reflects your commitment to the environment while maintaining a clean mat.


Eco-Friendly: ZENFRESH supports eco-conscious living by using sustainable ingredients and packaging.


Portability: ZENFRESH comes in a compact bottle, making it easy to carry in your yoga bag for use wherever you go.


Multi-Surface Cleaning: While designed for yoga mats, ZENFRESH can also be used on other exercise equipment and surfaces, ensuring your entire workout area stays fresh.


Refresh Yoga Props: Extend the benefits of ZENFRESH to your yoga props, such as blocks and straps, keeping them clean and inviting for your practice.


Peace of Mind: ZENFRESH provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re using a high-quality, eco-friendly cleaner to maintain your yoga space and equipment.



Directs for Use:

Product can be used as a neat product for the best strength. However it can also be diluted up to 100 times. This is ideal if you want to make your bottle last longer. Simply Spray ZENFRESH onto the yoga mat and wipe down  the surface. This will hit the odour at source, removing bacteria and deodorising the surface. Following this you will be left with a clean smelling yoga matt.



Frequently asked questions:


What is ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner?  ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaning solution designed to clean and refresh yoga mats. It helps remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria, leaving your mat clean and smelling fresh.


Is ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner safe for my yoga mat?  Yes, ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner is safe for most yoga mats, including PVC, rubber, TPE, and natural rubber mats. It’s designed to be gentle on the mat’s surface while effectively cleaning it.


How do I use ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner?  Simply spray ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner evenly on your yoga mat’s surface. Let it sit for a few seconds to penetrate and clean. Then, wipe it off with a clean cloth or paper towel. For deeper cleaning, you can also use a soft brush or sponge.


Can I use ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner on other fitness equipment?  While ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner is primarily designed for yoga mats, you can also use it to clean other fitness equipment like exercise mats, resistance bands, and foam rollers.


Does ZenFresh have a strong scent?  ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner has a pleasant and mild scent that is not overpowering. It leaves your mat smelling fresh without being too strong or artificial.


Is ZenFresh  eco-friendly?  Yes, ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner is eco-friendly and free from harsh chemicals. It is biodegradable and safe for the environment.


Can I use ZenFresh  daily? Yes, you can use ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner daily or as needed to keep your yoga mat clean and hygienic. It is gentle enough for frequent use.


Does ZenFresh Cleaner disinfect the mat?  Yes, ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner contains ingredients that help disinfect and kill bacteria on the yoga mat’s surface, promoting a clean and sanitary practice.


Can I use ZenFresh Mat Cleaner on a hot yoga mat?  Yes, ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner is safe to use on hot yoga mats. It can help remove sweat and odour from your mat after a hot yoga session.


Is ZenFresh Mat Cleaner suitable for sensitive skin?  ZenFresh Yoga Mat Cleaner is formulated to be gentle on the skin, but if you have extremely sensitive skin or allergies, it’s a good idea to do a patch test first to ensure there are no adverse reactions.



This product is not tested on any animals, and contains all natural ingredients.



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