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Tar and Glue Remover by Valetissimo

Powerful fast acting silicone free, solvent based Tar and Glue remover boosted with natural citrus oil and a lemon aroma.

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Tar and Glue Remover by Valetissimo


Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover

Powerful and fast acting biodegradable product


Introducing Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover – Your Ultimate Solution for Stubborn Deposits and Adhesives!

Experience the power of Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover, a fast-acting formula designed to tackle tar, bitumen, solvent-based glues, and a wide range of oil-based deposits with ease. No more struggling with clay bars or harsh abrasives – Valetissimo does the job swiftly and effectively.


Key Features:

🔹 Instant Tar and Bitumen Dissolution: Watch as Valetissimo goes to work, dissolving tar and bitumen effortlessly.


🔹 Adhesive Removal Excellence: Say goodbye to sticky situations as it removes glue, grease, stubborn wax, and more from your surfaces.


🔹 Paintwork Protection: Ideal for modern paint systems, Valetissimo is safe for your vehicle’s finish.


🔹 Silicone-Free and Body Shop Safe: Rest easy knowing it won’t harm your car’s integrity.


🔹 Paint Overspray and Decal Removal: It’s perfect for eliminating paint overspray from trim rubbers, plastics, windows, and even decals.



Important Notes:

  • Ensure your surfaces are solvent-resistant before use.
  • Avoid using on recently painted or partially cured paintwork.

Discover the Valetissimo difference and bring back the pristine beauty of your vehicle. Order now and experience effortless tar and glue removal like never before!



Top ten uses of tar and glue remover:


Removing Tar from Vehicles: Tar and glue remover can effectively dissolve and remove tar spots and road grime from the exterior surfaces of cars, trucks, and motorcycles.


Eliminating Adhesive Residue: It can be used to remove sticky residue left behind by stickers, labels, decals, and tape on various surfaces, including glass, plastic, and metal.


Cleaning Tools and Equipment: Tar and glue remover can help clean tools and equipment that have accumulated adhesive residues over time, such as paintbrushes, scrapers, and adhesive applicators.


Preparing Surfaces for Painting: Before painting a surface, you can use tar and glue remover to ensure that it is clean and free of any adhesive or tar residue, which can interfere with paint adhesion.


Removing Chewing Gum: It’s an effective solution for removing chewing gum from surfaces like sidewalks, carpets, and clothing.


Cleaning Floors: Tar and glue remover can be used to clean sticky spots and adhesive residues from hard flooring materials like tile, linoleum, and laminate.


RV and Camper Maintenance: It’s useful for removing adhesive residues, tar, and bugs from the exterior of recreational vehicles and campers.


Boat and Marine Applications: Tar and glue remover can help remove sticky substances, such as boat decals, adhesives, and tar from the hulls and surfaces of boats and watercraft.


Household Cleaning: It can be used to clean various household items, including glass tables, countertops, and kitchen appliances, to remove adhesive residues.


Industrial and Manufacturing: Tar and glue removers are often used in industrial settings to clean machinery, equipment, and conveyor belts that may accumulate adhesive residues during the manufacturing process.



How to use:
  • Spray directly on to affected area and allow to soak in for one or two minutes.
  • Wipe away any residue using a circular motion (with a soft cloth) for best results until glue or tar residue is removed
  • Alternatively, spray onto a soft microfibre cloth and wipe or buff surface
  • Repeat this process until all residue has been removed.
  • Use fresh, clean water to rinse area before final cleaning

*Always read the label and follow the manufacturers safety instructions. While using this product, protective gloves and eye wear should be worn.



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover safe for all types of vehicles?

Yes, Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover is safe for use on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles (RVs).


2. Can I use Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover on my car’s paint without causing damage?

Absolutely, Valetissimo is designed to be safe on modern paint systems. It won’t harm your car’s finish while effectively removing tar, bitumen, and adhesive residues.


3. How quickly does Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover work?

Valetissimo features a powerful, fast-acting formula that works quickly to dissolve and remove tar, glue, and other stubborn deposits. You’ll see impressive results in no time.


4. Is Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover safe for use in body shops?

Yes, Valetissimo is silicone-free and body shop safe, making it a reliable choice for professional detailing and automotive repair environments.


5. Can Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover remove paint overspray from various surfaces?

Certainly, Valetissimo is effective at removing paint overspray from trim rubbers, plastics, windows, and other surfaces without causing damage.


6. Will Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover damage decals on my vehicle?

No, Valetissimo is gentle on decals and won’t harm them during the removal process. It effectively dissolves adhesive residues without affecting the decal’s integrity.


7. Can I use Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover on my RV to remove tar and adhesive deposits?

Yes, Valetissimo is suitable for use on RVs and campers, helping you keep your recreational vehicle free of tar and adhesive build-up.


8. Is it safe to use Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover on glass surfaces?

Yes, Valetissimo can be used on glass surfaces to remove adhesive residues, tar, and other deposits without causing damage.


9. Can I apply Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover on recently painted surfaces?

It’s important to avoid using Valetissimo on recently painted or partially cured paintwork. Make sure the paint has fully cured before applying the remover.


10. Does Valetissimo Tar and Glue Remover require any special precautions during use?

While using Valetissimo, ensure that surfaces are solvent-resistant before application. Always follow the product’s instructions and take appropriate safety measures, including proper ventilation and protective equipment.



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1 review for Tar and Glue Remover by Valetissimo

  1. John Donnelly (verified owner)

    By far the best Tar and Glue remover I have used, and I’ve used a good few. As stated in the description, it does indeed start dissolving tar on contact, and the stubborn spots that remain are very easily removed with a quick wipe. I also used this for removing old tyre weight stickers from alloy wheel, and again worked perfectly. Just be careful to make sure that if you are using this on wheels, to make sure that you clean the tyre with APC and a brush afterwards or it leaves a spotting effect on the tyre wall. Not a big issue at all though. This will now be my go to product in my detailing business. The value of this product, as well as the performance is unparalleled

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