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Alloy Concentrated Wheel Cleaner by Valetissimo

Our Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner is a high performance active foam formula that breaks down the dirt particles and removes them from the alloys. This product removes baked on brake dust, road grime and also oil that may have sullied the metal.

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Alloy Concentrated Wheel Cleaner by Valetissimo


Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner

What is Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner?

Revitalize your Alloys with our high performance solution engineered with an active foam formula to make this your secret weapon against the toughest challenges your wheels face including: stubborn brake dust, tenacious road grime, and the ever-persistent road dirt.

Transforming your alloy wheels with our cleaner that effortlessly penetrates and disintegrates dirt particles.  It dives deep to ensure that grime is lifted from every nook and cranny, is cleaned and your wheels are left with an immaculate finish that’s nothing short of showroom-worthy.

Versatility is at the heart of our product’s design. It fearlessly tackles the diverse challenges presented by various wheel types, from the grandeur of chrome to the modernity of plastic, the elegance of alloys to the complexity of split rims. Every wheel deserves to be showcased in its prime – and with our cleaner, prime is the only standard you’ll know.

Application is a breeze – with a simple spray, dwell, and rinse protocol, you can witness the transformation as the dirt dissolves before your eyes, leaving your wheels with an enviable gleam. Make our Advanced Alloy Wheel Cleaner your trusted ally in maintaining the pristine condition of your wheels.


How to use Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner:
  • Simply dilute 100ml per 1L of water.
  • Spray or use a sponge to cover your wheels.
  • Leave for a minute or so to help work on the dirt.
  • Then agitate with a brush or cloth.
  • Rinse well


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner:

What is alloy wheel cleaner?

Our Alloy wheel cleaner is a specially formulated product designed to remove brake dust, grime, and dirt from alloy wheels without damaging the finish.


Can I use alloy wheel cleaner on all types of wheels?

You can use our cleaner on Chrome, Plastic, Alloys, and Split Rims.


How often should I clean my alloy wheels?

It’s recommended to clean your wheels regularly, depending on driving conditions and exposure to dirt and brake dust. Typically, cleaning them every two weeks or during a car wash is sufficient.


Do I need to remove the wheel to clean it properly?

You don’t necessarily have to remove the wheel, but doing so can allow for a more thorough cleaning. If you clean them while they are on the car, make sure to reach all areas.


Can alloy wheel cleaner damage my wheels?

Some alloy wheel cleaners but our high performance solution will revitalize your alloys without damaging them.


Is it necessary to rinse alloy wheel cleaner off?

Yes, you should thoroughly rinse off the cleaner with water after use to prevent any chemical residue from damaging the wheels or affecting the brake performance.


What protective gear should I use when applying alloy wheel cleaner?

It’s wise to wear gloves and eye protection to avoid skin irritation or eye damage.


How do I protect my alloy wheels after cleaning them?

After cleaning, you can apply a wheel sealant or wax to protect the alloy from dirt and reduce brake dust adhesion.


Top uses of Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner:

Removing Brake Dust:  Our Alloy wheel cleaner was formulated to break down the tough, stubborn brake dust that collects on the wheels, which is often difficult to remove with just soap and water.

Cleaning Road Grime: Road oils and grime can stick to alloy wheels. Our Alloy wheel cleaner will help to dissolve and lift these contaminants.


Restoring Shine: Regular use of an Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner can help to maintain the original shine and finish of your wheels by removing the dulling layer of dirt and debris.


Preventing Corrosion: By regularly cleaning your wheels with Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner, you can prevent the build-up of materials that may cause corrosion over time.


Improving Performance: Clean wheels can slightly improve the performance of your vehicle by reducing unnecessary weight from accumulated debris and ensuring that the wheel balance is maintained.


Enhancing Safety: Clean alloy wheels can make it easier to inspect for any damage, cracks, or wear that might compromise the vehicle’s safety.


Preparing for Sale: Clean wheels are more appealing and can increase the resale value of a vehicle or improve the chances of a sale.


Specialized Cleaning: Our Alloy Wheel Tyre Cleaner was formulated for specific types of alloys such as Chrome, Plastic, Alloys, and Split Rims , We provide a tailored cleaning solution that is safer and more effective for these wheel types.




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