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De-ionised Water by Valetissimo

De-ionised water is ideal for use within numerous processes to prevent scaling of the interior when in use. It is frequently used in batteries and kettles


De-ionised Water by Valetissimo

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De-ionised Water

Available in 500ml, 1L, 5L, 4 x 5L, 25L

Valetissimo De-Ionised Water, also known as demineralised water, is a specially treated type of water that has had almost all its mineral ions removed, deionization removes dissolved impurities such as salts, minerals, metals, and other ionic compounds, leaving behind water molecules with a high level of purity and conductivity close to zero.

De-Ionised Water has a widespread use across various industries and applications due to its outstanding purity. It is commonly used in filling of batteries, in laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and medical facilities where any presence of impurities can affect delicate processes or equipment.

This type of water prevents scaling and corrosion, leading to improved energy efficiency and longer equipment, it is also used in radiators, steam irons and is effective on wooden surfaces and windows.


Top uses of Valetissimo De-Ionised Water:


  1.  Laboratory Experiments: De-Ionised Water is often used in research labs for various tests and experiments due to its purity. Valetissimo is a trusted brand known for supplying high-quality deionized water to laboratories.
  1.  Medical Equipment:  This type of water is commonly used to clean and sterilize medical equipment, such as surgical instruments, as it eliminates impurities and reduces the risk of contamination. Valetissimo provides deionised water specifically designed for medical purposes.
  1. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Many cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers use deionized water as an ingredient to ensure purity and prevent any adverse reactions on the skin. Valetissimo offers De-Ionised Water suitable for cosmetic applications.
  1. Automotive Industry: This type of water is used in the automotive industry to prevent mineral deposits and scale formation in radiators, batteries, and windshield washer systems. Valetissimo produces deionised water suitable for automotive maintenance and upkeep.
  1. Electronics Manufacturing: De-Ionised Water is crucial for cleaning electronic components and preventing mineral deposits that can impede proper functioning. Valetissimo offers deionized water specially formulated for electronics manufacturing processes.
  1. Window Cleaning: This type of water is used for window cleaning as it leaves no mineral deposits or streaks. Valetissimo provides deionized water that is ideal for streak-free window cleaning.
  1. Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry often uses De-Ionised Water in the manufacturing process of medications and injections to ensure purity and prevent any chemical reactions.


Frequently asked questions


  1. What is This type of water?

De-Ionised Water is highly pure water with almost all mineral ions removed through a process called ion exchange.

  1. How is De-Ionised Water produced?

De-Ionised Water is produced through ion exchange where mineral ions are replaced with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, resulting in highly purified water.

  1. What are the uses of This type of water?

De-Ionised Water is used in laboratories, medical facilities, and manufacturing for tasks like cleaning, solution preparation, and manufacturing processes in various industries. Also used in topping up batteries.

  1. Is This type of water safe to drink?

De-Ionised Water is not recommended for regular consumption as it lacks essential minerals and may have an unappealing taste.

  1. Can This type of water conduct electricity?

This water has minimal ions and has very low electrical conductivity or is non-conductive.

  1. Does This type of water remove bacteria and viruses?

This water alone does not disinfect or reliably remove bacteria and viruses. Proper water treatment methods should be used.

  1. Can This type of water corrode metals or equipment?

This type of water is generally non-corrosive, but it can be aggressive towards certain metals and materials due to its lack of minerals and ions.

  1.  How can I test the purity of De-Ionised Water?

Conductivity measurement using a meter can indicate the low conductivity of this water. More comprehensive tests can be conducted in a lab for precise purity assessment.


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