Coconut Wax

Coconut Wax is used to make wax melts or DIY candles; however there are also a variety of beauty uses it can be used for. Such as a moisturiser for the skin and body, a nail enhancer, hair mask and also a component of makeup remover.

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Coconut Wax


What is Coconut Wax?:

Coconut wax is 100% natural and organic. It can be used for a variety of uses such as a moisturiser for skin, hair care and many other cosmetic products. Unlike paraffin wax, this wax is completely sustainable and renewable, not to mention the fact that no pesticides are required to grow it. Furthermore, coconut wax doesn’t require heavy machinery and can be hand harvested, making it better for the environment.



Coconut wax can hold substantial scent in its wax (as much as 12%). This means it is a great choice for scenting with both fragrance and essential oils. Furthermore, coconut wax has a great hot and cold throw (meaning if the wax was burning or not, the scent is extremely powerful). Also, this makes this wax a very popular choice for making wax melts as it can hold a lot of fragrance oils. In addition, this wax is one of the few waxes that burn in a clean way. This is due to the fact the wax is non-toxic and slow burning. It has one of the longest burning times and will never leave soot residue in your home. Again, this makes coconut wax very popular for candle or wax melt making.



FAQ’s :

How long do coconut candles need to cure for?:

ANSWER: The cure time for Coconut is significantly shorter than what would be required for other candle waxes. The most effective cure time for this wax is usually around two to three days.


Is this wax eco friendly?:

ANSWER: This wax is completely eco-friendly and sustainable. Coconut is obtained by an entirely natural process and is also 100% vegan.


Is Coconut Wax Clean Burning?:

ANSWER: Yes, it is clean burning, this means they produce little to no harmful chemicals when lit. This wax is also one of the slowest  burning waxes you can buy, which means they will last up to 50% longer than a traditional candle.


Does this wax have a scent?:

ANSWER: Not exactly, you would expect it to smell like coconut, but there isn’t much of a scent there.


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1 review for Coconut Wax

  1. Philip Read

    Having not made candles in decades, I recently decided to refill used candle holders rather than buy tea lights to go in them. This wax was amazing, I melted it in the microwave and it poured beautifully, with no shrinkage.

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