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Slime Activator - Make Your Own Slime!




Slime Activator

Choose from all the colours of the rainbow!


Make hassle-free slime with just Slime Activator and PVA Glue! Simple to use!



Add a couple of drops of Slime Activator to PVA glue, and instantly mix together thoroughly for about 15-20 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times, until slime is desired consistency.

Feel free to add food colouring, glitter, or other decorative materials. Feel free to let you imagination go wild!


Shake the bottle before every use. This will ensure the Slime Activator solution is fully mixed, in order to ensure the highest quality slime!

If you add a large amount of Slime Activator in one go will result in an inferior slime



This product should only be used with adult supervision

Gloves are recommended when handling this product

Wash hands after use

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