Agricultural Wash 400:1 Tractor Clean 25L Litre HGV TFR


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We will always go the extra mile to help our farmers save some money. Please get in touch if you have a farm, and we bet we can supply you a better quality product, at a fraction of the cost.
This product can be diluted up to 400:1

Our Agricultural Pressure washing detergent has been designed to be kind to the environment, your live stock, and machinery with its pH neutral & biodegradable formula.

Helps protect machinery from corrosion by breaking down dirt & grime, and sealing out water ingress.

Will not corrode any material, so completely safe to use on all surfaces and materials.

Pre-wash the vehicle to remove heavy deposits with your pressure washer, then spray this all over and leave to dwell for 5 minutes. Agitate stubborn areas with a brush and pressure wash off for an immaculate finish

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