Ultra Snow Foam Car Shampoo


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Snow Foam Car Shampoo
Non Caustic
100:1 Maximum Concentration
Trade Chem use the finest quality ingredients and are believers of using the best of the best to create a product which is of a high standard and does the required job
Snow Foam is created in such a way that the product will cling to the surface, allowing easier cleaning of your vehicle
Creating a Rich foam, which creep into the crevices of the contaminant and expand, helping lift the dirt away from the surface allowing you to pressure wash away.
Just give any stubborn areas a bit of a helping hand by agitating with a sponge
Completely Non caustic and biodegradable, safe on your paintwork, to your animals, and your land!
Covering Motor Vehicle, Farming, Boating, Cleaning & Industrial Applications
Our Snow Foam range is designed to be used manually or through a power washer and remain highly effective in both Hot or Cold and even hard water.
The Ultra Range is a  high foaming, highly effective cleaning concentrate. (100:1)
Basic Directions

Simply spray on, and leave for a few minutes to work it’s magic, then agitate with a regular sponge or brush, then rinse off with water – always dry vehicles afterwards with an appropriate cloth – this will save water marks being leftThe result? a highly clean finish, thanks to unique caustic formula giving you that showroom clean.
Snow Foam should not remove existing wax products from the surface if used sparingly – but might if used in stronger dilution
Always re apply your preferred wax product following a full clean and dryFor best results apply via a jet lance – or add 50 – 100ml per bucket of Hot or Cold Water
as easy as 1,2,3 to get the best results!

Product uses:
*    Cars
*    Motorbikes
*    Caravans
*    Wagons
*    Industrial Vehicles
*    Machinery

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