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Ultra Tar and Glue Remover

Powerful fast acting silicone free, solvent based Tar and Glue remover boosted with natural citrus oil and a lemon aroma.


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Ultra Tar and Glue Remover

Powerful and fast acting biodegradable product

Silicone free and solvent based – boosted with natural citrus oils to give an amazing finish to the surface

Will instantly start to dissolve tar and bitumen along with most solvent based glues.  Effective on solvent resistant surfaces without the need for using clay bars or harsh abrasives.

Ultra Tar & Glue remover has a specially formulated natural citrus fragrance.

  • Silicone Free = Body shop Safe
  • Quickly Dissolves Tar and Glue
  • Powerful Fast Acting Formula
  • Safe on Modern Paint Systems (paint should be fully cured)

*Ensure that surfaces are solvent resistant before use. DO NOT use on recently painted or partially cured paintwork.

Rapidly dissolves and removes all oil based deposits from paintwork including bitumen, tar spatter, grease, oil, glues, stubborn wax.

Ultra Tar and Glue Remover is also ideal for removing paint over spray from trim rubbers, plastics and windows, and decals from cars.

Easy to use:

  • Spray directly on to affected area and allow to soak in for one or two minutes
  • Using a soft cloth, wipe away residue using a circular motion for best results until glue or tar residue is removed (alternatively spray onto a soft microfibre cloth and wipe or buff surface)
  • Repeat until all residue has been removed
  • Use fresh, clean water to rinse area before final cleaning

*Always read the label and follow the manufacturers safety instructions. Protective gloves and eye wear should be worn when using chemicals.

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