Become A Trade Chemicals Affiliate

Trade Chemicals LTD creates massively popular ranges of chemical based products. With over 150,000 5-Star reviews you know we have something great to offer. You can now take advantage of our outstanding range of through our affiliate programme. 


Afilliate Features

Our affiliate system offers a generous 60 day cookie tracking as well as state of the art analytics tools that give our affiliates full transparency at all times. Check out our full range of features below. 

5% Flat Commission

We keep the affiliate system simple with a flat 5% commission on all sales through your affiliate referrals. 

60 Day Cookies

Your cookies are tracked for 60 days to give you plenty of marketing time for maximum conversions. 

Custom URLs

Create Your own affiliate URL’s to any page, product or product category on the Trade Chemicals website. 

Pre Made Creatives

Simply use our pre-made social media creatives to send your followers to the Trade Chem site. 

Affiliate Area

Log in to your very own affiliate area to view payouts, statistics, conversions and much more. 

Full Statistics

We provide a full analytics system so you can see exactly how many people you send – and how many convert. 

PayPal Payouts

Nice and easy PayPal payouts ensure you get your commissions automatically and with no hassle.

Full Site Tracking

Your cookies are tracked sitewide so you get commission on everything you traffic buys from us. 

Excellent Support

If you need any help the Trade Chemicals team are always on hand to give you a smooth journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Affiliates receive a flat 5% commission on all sales generated through their referral links.

Our affiliate program offers a generous 60-day cookie tracking duration, ensuring you get credited for sales within that time frame.

Yes, affiliates have the flexibility to create custom tracking URLs to monitor the performance of their marketing efforts.

  • Absolutely! We offer pre-made creatives and marketing images to assist affiliates in promoting our products effectively.

Yes, we provide a full private affiliate area online where you can access important resources, track your performance, and more.

Affiliates have access to comprehensive analytics and statistics to track clicks, conversions, and earnings, empowering them to optimize their strategies.

Payouts are automatically processed through PayPal, ensuring a secure and convenient payment method for our affiliates.

We pride ourselves on excellent affiliate customer support. Our team is here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Enjoy superfast delivery on all orders, providing a positive experience for both customers and affiliates.

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over £5, enhancing the value proposition for customers and potentially increasing affiliate earnings.

Yes, we maintain a commitment to keeping all products in stock, ensuring affiliates can confidently promote our items without concerns about availability.

Absolutely! We take pride in offering original and unique products that are exclusively available through Trade Chemicals LTD.

Simply fill out our easy online sign-up form, and upon approval, you’ll gain access to the full suite of affiliate resources.

Yes, social media promotion is encouraged! Use your affiliate links and our pre-made creatives to share the benefits of our products.

While we encourage creativity, affiliates are required to adhere to ethical marketing practices. Please review our terms and conditions for details.

Affiliate statistics are updated in real-time, providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on your performance.

Certainly! Feel free to promote as many products as you wish, and earn commissions on all qualifying sales.

Yes, the minimum payout threshold is [Specify Amount]. Once you reach this threshold, automatic payouts will be processed.

Yes, our analytics provide detailed insights, allowing affiliates to track the performance of individual campaigns and optimize accordingly.

Our program stands out with a combination of competitive commissions, extended cookie tracking, quality support, and exclusive products, providing a unique and rewarding experience for our affiliates.

What Are Affiliates?

Affiliates are valued partners who collaborate with our eCommerce shop to amplify our online presence and drive sales. As an eCommerce business, we recognize the power of word-of-mouth and online influence. Affiliates are individuals or entities that join hands with us to promote our products across various online platforms, expanding our reach beyond our traditional marketing channels. These partners utilize their websites, blogs, social media accounts, or other online assets to showcase our products and encourage their audience to make a purchase.

For potential affiliates like yourself, this collaboration presents a unique opportunity to monetize your online influence. By becoming an affiliate for our eCommerce shop, you can earn commissions for every sale made through the traffic you generate. We provide you with a unique affiliate link and, in some cases, custom URLs, enabling us to track the sales driven by your efforts accurately. In addition to a competitive flat 5% commission on all sales, we offer a generous 60-day cookie tracking period, ensuring you receive credit for sales that occur within that timeframe.

As an affiliate, you gain access to a private online area equipped with resources such as pre-made creatives, marketing images, and detailed analytics. This enables you to optimize your promotional strategies and track your performance in real-time. Our commitment to seamless operations extends to automatic PayPal payouts, ensuring you receive your earnings promptly.

Furthermore, we take pride in offering unique and exclusive products, setting our eCommerce shop apart. Affiliates like you contribute to the success of our brand, and we support your efforts with excellent customer support, ensuring a positive and rewarding partnership.

In summary, affiliates are integral partners who help us reach new audiences, and in return, we provide you with the tools and incentives to succeed in your affiliate marketing endeavors. Together, we create a mutually beneficial relationship that drives growth and success for both our eCommerce shop and our valued affiliates.

How To Become An Affiliate

Becoming a Trade Chemicals Limited affiliate couldn’t be simpler. Just click the red button below and fill out the short affiliate application form. We approve most applications within one working day. If you already have an account with Trade-Chem please contact us and we can activate the affiliate area on your existing account.