House Keeping

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From fabric soft furnishings to wood, ceramics and metal surfaces, House Keeping Products have become an essential part of our daily lives. With the increasing knowledge about the health hazards of germs and their relationship with common illnesses, it is important that we keep all surfaces clean and free from any unseen germs or bacteria.

To ensure this, we have created specialised ranges of products that are designed to clean each individual surface and area within our home. These products are specially formulated to be tough on grime and dirt but gentle enough on your housekeeping items to make sure your home looks pristine for longer.

We offer professional products available to order immediately either by phone or online with next day nationwide deliveries. We offer advice and expertise based on comprehensive experience, training and knowledge. We deliver solutions not just products. If you need any help with your order please don’t hesitate to contact Trade Chemicals LIMITED on 0333 800 2345 and our team will be happy to provide assistance.