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Fresh Pet Ultimate Carpet Shampoo

  • 🐾 Pet-Friendly Carpet Shampoo – Lovingly crafted to ensure the safety and comfort of your furry friends while keeping your carpets pristine.
  • 🔄 Universal Compatibility – Effortlessly fits into all carpet cleaning machines, including Vax, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free cleaning experience.
  • 🌟 Deep Cleansing Power – Goes beyond the surface to eliminate stains and odors, leaving your carpets spotlessly clean and delightfully fresh.
  • 🍃 Enchanting Fragrance – Unleashes an amazing aroma that rejuvenates your home, making it the ultimate pet carpet shampoo for a blissful living space.


Fresh Pet Ultimate Carpet Shampoo

Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo

Pet Friendly Carpet Shampoo


Introducing Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo! This premium quality cleaning solution is specially formulated to cater to your carpet’s needs while ensuring it’s safe for your beloved pets. Designed to effectively remove embedded dirt, tough stains, and grime from a wide range of carpets, this product guarantees a thorough cleaning experience without excessive foam generation.


Our spray bottle ensures an even distribution of the cleaning solution, preventing over-saturation of certain areas and ensuring a consistent cleaning result across the entire carpet. It also allows for targeted application, enabling users to focus on specific stains or high-traffic areas, which is both cost-effective and efficient. The spray head typically creates a fine mist that penetrates deep into the carpet fibres, helping to loosen dirt and grime more effectively.


Our Fresh Pet Ultimate Carpet Shampoo whilst coming with a spray head is also compatible to be used with all Carpet Cleaning machines, including Vax. It effectively cleans, removes stains, and deodorises your carpets, leaving behind an amazing fragrance. Not only that, but it’s also pet-friendly, ensuring that your furry friends can roam freely on freshly cleaned carpets without any worries.


This powerful formula not only eliminates dirt but also has the power to eliminate 99.99% of germs, including enveloped viruses, making it a trustworthy choice for maintaining a hygienic environment for both your family and pets.


The Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo was engineered to deliver outstanding cleaning results. Its powerful formula effectively breaks down and lifts dirt, stains, and spillages from within the carpet fibres, leaving them revitalized and restored to their original plush appearance. The added touch of a refreshing scent leaves your carpets smelling clean and inviting after each use, creating a comfortable and pet-friendly environment for all.



4-in-1 Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo:

  1. Cleaning power: Formulated to effortlessly vanquish the toughest dirt and grime, bringing a new level of cleanliness to your home or workspace. The ultimate solution for a truly deep and powerful clean.


2. Stain removal formula: Crafted to combat even the most common spots and stubborn blemishes. From spilled coffee to deeply embedded food stains. Our cutting-edge formula effortlessly penetrates and dissolves stains, making them a thing of the past.


3. Odour Neutralisation: This Carpet Shampoo was Designed to counteract bad odours caused by pets and urine, our formula breaks down the molecules responsible for these bad smells and effectively eliminates them leaving a delightful smell behind.


4. Wide range of scents: Indulge your senses and transform any room into a captivating paradise with our collection of Fresh Pet Ultimate scents, carefully curated to suit every mood and personal preference.


Our range encompasses a delightful variety of fragrances, each carefully crafted to offer a unique experience. Whether you prefer the crisp and invigorating aroma of Linen Fresh or the soothing, comforting scent of lavender, we have the perfect fragrance to elevate your space



Top 10 uses of  Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo: 


Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: This is a common method for deep cleaning carpets, often referred to as steam cleaning. Low foaming shampoos ensure that minimal residue is left behind, promoting faster drying times.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning: In commercial settings like offices, hotels, or conference centres, frequent carpet cleaning is needed. Low foaming shampoos facilitate faster cleaning processes without the risk of excessive foam build-up in machinery.


Spot Cleaning: For treating specific stains or spots on carpets, low foaming shampoo is effective. They target the stain without generating too much foam, allowing for a quicker clean up.


Cleaning High Traffic Areas: In areas that see a lot of foot traffic, carpets can get dirty quickly. Regular cleaning using a low foaming shampoo can help maintain the appearance and prolong the life of the carpet.


Upholstery Cleaning: Our Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo is also suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture. The low foam formulation ensures the upholstery doesn’t become overly wet, which can lead to mould or mildew issues.


Car Interior Cleaning: Pet Friendly Carpet Shampoo can be great for cleaning car carpets and upholstered seats, providing a deep clean without leaving behind excessive moisture.


Cleaning Delicate or Antique Rugs: These rugs require a gentle touch. Low foaming shampoos can effectively clean without the risk of oversaturation or damage.


Maintenance Cleaning: For homeowners who prefer to clean their carpets regularly as part of maintenance, rather than waiting for dirt and stains to accumulate, low foaming shampoos are ideal. They provide effective cleaning without leaving residues that can attract dirt.


Use in Rotary Machines: Many professional carpet cleaners use rotary machines for deep cleaning. Low foaming shampoos are perfect for this, ensuring the machines run smoothly without foam overflow.


Pre-treatment for Stubborn Stains: Some stains require a pre-treatment before the main cleaning. Applying our low foaming Carpet Shampoo can help break down the stain, making it easier to remove during the subsequent cleaning process.



Biodegradable low ph premium solution.

Suitable for all wet system carpet cleaning machines including Vax and all other brands

One our latest products in the FRESH PET Range. This is the ultimate pet carpet shampoo.

It combines the disinfectant properties of Fresh Pet, but distinctively is a shampoo which can be used to cleaned carpets of dirt brought in by pets, urine and pet sleeping areas.




Spray onto affected area and let foam settle for a few moments before agitating area with a cloth to stress out any dirt, urine or grime from the carpet.

If you using a carpet cleaning machine add 50ml of pet carpet shampoo or refer to the manufacturer guidelines.

Use in accordance with your Health & Safety guidelines e.g. COSHH assessment and wear appropriate PPE such as Gloves & Goggles.  If product enters eyes, rinse well with fresh, clean water for at least 2 minutes, if irritation persists contact local GP.



Frequently Asked Questions about Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo:

What is the main purpose of carpet shampoo?

Answer: The primary purpose of carpet shampoo is to deep-clean carpets, removing dirt, stains, and allergens embedded within the fibres. It helps restore the carpet’s appearance, prolongs its lifespan, and provides a healthier living environment by eliminating contaminants.


How is Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo different from regular liquid soap or detergent?

Answer: Our Carpet Shampoo specifically formulated for the fibres and construction of carpets and contain ingredients that effectively break down and remove dirt and stains from carpet fibres without causing damage. Regular liquid soaps or detergents might leave residues that attract more dirt or harm.


How often should I shampoo my carpet?

Answer: It’s recommended to shampoo carpets at least once a year, but high-traffic areas or homes with pets, kids, or allergy sufferers might benefit from cleaning every 6 months.


How long does it take for the carpet to dry after shampooing?

Answer: The drying time can vary based on the carpet type, humidity, and the specific cleaning method used. On average, it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. Using fans or dehumidifiers can speed up the process.


Can carpet shampooing remove pet odours?

Answer: Yes Fresh Pet Ultimate – Carpet Shampoo was formulated to tackle and neutralize pet odours.


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