Barber Fresh - Air Freshener

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Barber Fresh Air Freshener



Our Barber Fresh Air Freshener is a highly effective and odour neutralizing deodoriser. This product doesn’t just mask bad smells, it completely eliminates them and this leaves a long lasting fresh fragrance so your salon will smell lovely for each and every customer you may be serving so just a few sprays are all it takes and Barber Fresh Air Freshener will leave your barbers with a beautiful light, fresh scent.

These air fresheners are made using the best fragrances and are designed to cover unwanted odours and freshen up stale environments and it is perfect for use on roof linings, floor mats and fabric seats.

Comes in a lovely trigger spray bottle for ease of use- a screw top will be fitted with the trigger top in the parcel separately to avoid leaks whilst the item is in transit as this product is a liquid fragrance closed in a classic plastic bottle. It comes with an atomiser and it is a perfect combination of comfortable modern packaging to form with intense aroma.



Always shake well before use and spray. Once sprayed make sure you leave for a few minutes to let the scent settle and disperse throughout your salon, do not directly inhale any spray.


Perfume, Isopropanol Alcohol and aqua.


This product is flammable so make sure that it is always kept away from open flames.



This product can be harmful and even fatal if swallowed and if the product is swallowed don’t induce vomiting and seek medical assistance as soon as possible also always keep out of reach of children. For external use only.


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