Sparkle Spa Care Pack



Whirlpool Bath Care Pack



Whirlpool Bath Care Pack is essential to maintain maintenance to keep a healthy filtration system in a spa.



  • 1 x 500ml Spa Filter / Cartridge Cleaner
  • 1 x 500ml Spa Clarifier / Clear Water Sparkle
  • And 1 x 500ml  Spa No Foam – Anti Foaming Agent


Product details below


Filter & Cartridge Cleaner:

Maintenance and cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy filtration system in a spa.  Part of this maintenance is the cleaning of sand or cartridges within the filter.


Spa Clarifier:

Over time spa water may lose its sparkle, Trade Chem Platinum Spa Clarifier will help to restore the clarity to the water.


Spa No Foam:

Cosmetics, oils and soaps will create foaming if allowed to build up in spa water.  Simply adding Trade Chem Spa No Foam will eliminate foam from spa water surfaces. If your spa has excessive foaming you should drain and refill it.


Health & Safety:

Never mix with any other chemicals including cleaning products, bleaches, weed killers or chlorine based products, as a dangerous reaction may occur.

Handle products in a well vented area, outdoors if possible

Always wash hands thoroughly after using any spa chemicals.

Store in a cool dry place, above 5 degrees C, do not allow to freeze.

Dosage instructions are given as a guide for the most effective product use.

Do not drink this product – if it enters eyes, rinse well with plenty of clean water




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